Park Pride Forms & Documents

Title Document Type Topic Description
Boone Park West VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningBoone Park West Vision Plan (2016)
Pints for Parks: Strengthening Voices for the Greener GoodPress ReleasesCommunications, FundraisingPress Release
Park Pride Receives Grant from The Home Depot Foundation to Support “Pollinators in Parks”Press ReleasesCommunications, Community GardensPress Releases
Park Pride Awarded Great Urban Parks Campaign GrantPress ReleasesCommunicationsPress Releases
2016 Year in ReviewReportsCommunications, Donations, Operations2016 Park Pride Year in Review
Parks & Greenspace ConferencePress ReleasesCommunications, Parks & Greenspace ConferencePress Releases
2017 Community Garden TourPress ReleasesCommunications, Community GardensPress Releases
Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Act Approved by House CommitteePress ReleasesCommunicationsPress Releases
“Pollinators in Parks” Initiative Takes Root in Five City of Atlanta ParksPress ReleasesCommunications, Community Gardens, Friends of the ParkPress Releases
2016 Impact ReportReportsDonations, Operations2016 Impact Report
Grantee GuidelinesGuides, Grantee GuidesGrant Programs – Community Building and Legacy Grant, Grant Programs – Small Change GrantGuidelines for Matching Grants
Final Report – Small Change GrantsGuides, Grantee GuidesGrant Programs – Small Change GrantSmall Change Grants final report
Park Views Spring 2017NewslettersCommunicationsFront Lines of Park Advocacy // Parks & Greenspace Conference // Grants for the Greener Good // 2016 Impact Report
Atlanta Businesses Support Parks as Park Pride Corporate ChampionsPress ReleasesCommunicationsPress releases
Memorial Drive Greenway Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningMemorial Drive Greenway Conceptual Master Plan (2016)
Friends of the Park HandbookGuidesFriends of the ParkGuide containing important contacts and dates for FOP groups, and best practices for group management, leadership and projects
Atlanta Beltline Adopter’s GuideGuides
Park Pride Funds Upgrades in 17 Atlanta & DeKalb ParksPress ReleasesCommunications, Friends of the Park, Grant Programs – Community Building and Legacy Grant, Grant Programs – Small Change GrantPress Releases
2017 Park Visioning Application_DeKalb CountyApplicationsPark VisioningPark Visioning application for Friends of the Park groups within unincorporated DeKalb County
Trash and Debris Collection GuidelinesGuides
Love Your City Press ReleasePress ReleasesCommunications, Volunteer ProgramPress Releases
BeltLine Volunteer WaiverGuides
BeltLine Youth Volunteer WaiverGuides
Park Pride Funds Upgrades in 15 Atlanta & DeKalb ParksPress ReleasesCommunicationsPress Releases
Park Pride Receives Support from PwC Charitable FoundationPress ReleasesCommunicationsPress Release
Announcing Your GrantGrantee GuidesGrant Programs – Community Building and Legacy Grant, Grant Programs – Small Change Grant, Grant Programs – Tree GrantInformation on how to announce and share the news of your Park Pride grant.
2015 Audited Financials (2015)Financial DocumentsOperations2015 Audited Financial Document
Park Pride’s Friends of the Park Groups to Benefit from a Wells Fargo GrantPress ReleasesCommunicationsPress Release
Pipes to Parks Conference Program 2014Conference ProgramParks & Greenspace Conference2014 Parks and Greenspace Conference Program, "Pipes to Parks: Creating Greenspace with Rainwater"
Parks & People Conference Program 2015Conference ProgramParks & Greenspace Conference2015 Parks and Greenspace Conference Program for "Parks & People: A Declaration of Interdependence"
Parks & Play Conference Program 2016Conference ProgramParks & Greenspace Conference2016 Parks and Greenspace Conference Program for "Parks & Play: A Conversation for All Ages."
Park Pride Receives Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta Grant 2016Press ReleasesCommunicationsPress Release
Small Change Grant Overview & InformationApplicationsGrant Programs – Small Change GrantRead overview to learn more about Park Pride’s Small Change Grant program.
Small Change Grant Program Application InstructionsApplicationsGrant Programs – Small Change GrantLearn how to apply for Park Pride's Small Change grant.
Small Change Grant ApplicationApplicationsGrant Programs – Small Change GrantDownload application to apply for the Small Change grant.
Community Association Letter of SupportApplicationsGrant Programs – Small Change GrantSample letter for community association support.
Small Change Grant Project Budget GuidelinesApplicationsGrant Programs – Small Change GrantLearn more about project budget guidelines and how to complete the Project Budget sheet.
Small Change Grant Budget SheetApplicationsGrant Programs – Small Change GrantBudget sheet to outline project budget items.
Matching Grants Progress ReportGrantee GuidesGrant Programs – Community Building and Legacy GrantProgress report for Community Building and Legacy grants.
Small Change Grant Financial ReportGrantee GuidesGrant Programs – Small Change GrantFinancial report for Small Change Grant.
Small Change Grant Matching Funds ReportGrantee GuidesGrant Programs – Small Change GrantForm to record in-kind and matching funds.
Grant Final ReportGrantee GuidesGrant Programs – Community Building and Legacy GrantFinal report for Community Building and Legacy grants.
Instructions for Request for FundsGrantee GuidesGrant Programs – Community Building and Legacy Grant, Grant Programs – Small Change GrantInformation on how to fill out the request for funds forms
Grant Request for Funds (e-template)Grantee GuidesGrant Programs – Community Building and Legacy Grant, Grant Programs – Small Change GrantRequest for funds. (MS Word)
Grant Request for Funds (pdf)Grantee GuidesGrant Programs – Community Building and Legacy Grant, Grant Programs – Small Change GrantBlank Request for funds. (PDF for printing and writing)
Fiscal Partners Payment Authorization FormFormsFiscal PartnersAuthorization for reimbursement of incurred expenses.
Grant Financial ReportGrantee GuidesGrant Programs – Community Building and Legacy GrantFinal budget report for Community Building and Legacy grants.
Park Views Fall 2016NewslettersCommunicationsTransportation Ballot Measures // Boone Park West // Parks & Greenspace Conference // Principles of Planting Design
Park Play LibraryGuidesFriends of the ParkWhen planning a fun event at your park, our Park Play Library offers rental recreational equipment packages for all kinds of activities.
Park Tool ShedGuidesFriends of the ParkThe Park Pride tool shed is a free service that provides basic landscaping tools and equipment to more efficiently equip volunteers for your park projects.
Volunteer Waiver for FoP Groups — City of AtlantaFormsVolunteer ProgramVolunteer waiver form for City of Atlanta FoP groups.
Volunteer Waiver for FoP Groups — DeKalbFormsVolunteer ProgramVolunteer waiver form for DeKalb FoP groups.
DeKalb Volunteer Parental Permission SlipFormsVolunteer ProgramFor DeKalb FoP groups only: Volunteer waiver for minors volunteering in a park. Form needs to be signed by their parent/guardian.
DeKalb Parks Beautification FormFormsVolunteer ProgramFor DeKalb FoP groups only: Submit this form to DeKalb RPCA for workday support, including borrowing of tools.
Tree Grant ApplicationApplicationsGrant Programs – Tree GrantDownload application to apply for the Tree grant.
Tree Grant GuidelinesGuidesGrant Programs – Tree GrantDownload guideline info sheet to learn more about the Trees Grant.
Park Views Summer 2016NewslettersCommunicationsGrants: for the greener good // Parks & Play: Conference Highlights // “Parks for Monarchs”
City of Atlanta Approved Tree Planting ListGuides, Grantee GuidesGrant Programs – Tree GrantCity of Atlanta's approved tree planting list.
Start a New Friends Group – DeKalb County ApplicationFoP – New Group ApplicationFriends of the ParkComplete and submit application to become a Friends Group in DeKalb County.
Start a New Friends Group – City of Atlanta ApplicationFoP – New Group ApplicationFriends of the ParkComplete and submit application to become a Friends Group in City of Atlanta.
Fiscal Partners Liaison ChangeFormsFiscal PartnersAuthorization of Fiscal Liaison form.
Fiscal Partners Annual UpdateFormsFiscal PartnersComplete and submit Fiscal Partners annual report.
Fiscal Partners Account ApplicationApplicationsFiscal PartnersComplete and submit application to become a Park Pride Fiscal Partner.
Park Play Library Request FormApplicationsFriends of the ParkRecreational Equipment Rental Request Form
Orme Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningOrme Park Conceptual Master Plan (2007)
OAC PlaygroundPlanning ReportsPark VisioningOutdoor Activity Center Playground Improvements Implementation Manual (2014)
OAC Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningOutdoor Activity Center Visioning Overview (2011)
PNA StudyPlanning ReportsPark VisioningProctor Creek North Avenue Watershed Basion: A Green Infrastructure Vision (2010)
Peoplestown Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningPeoplestown - Daniel Stanton / Four Corners Parks Visioning Overview (2006)
West Manor Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningWest Manor Park Visioning Overview (2007)
Washington Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningWashington Park Conceptual Master Plan (2007)
Vine City Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningVine City Park Conceptual Master Plan (2005)
Summerhill Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningParks of Summerhill Vision Plan Overview (2015)
Springvale Park Vision PlanPlanning ReportsPark VisioningSpringvale Park Visioning Overview (2010)
Spink-Collins Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningSpink-Collins Conceptual Master Plan (2006)
South Fork of Peachtree Creek Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningSouth Fork of Peachtree Creek Park Visioning Overview (2012)
South Bend Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningSouth Bend Park Visioning Overview (2007)
Rutledge Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningRutledge Park Visioning Overview (2012)
Reverend James Orange Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningReverend James Orange Park Visioning Overview (2012)
Mountain Way Common Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningMountain Way Common Visioning Project Overview (2013)
Mattie Freeland Greenspace Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningMattie Freeland Greenspace Visioning Project Overview (2015)
Little Nancy Creek Park VisisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningLittle Nancy Creek Visioning Project Overview (2014)
Jennie Drake Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningJennie Drake Park Visioning Project Overview (2013)
Herbert Greene Nature Preserve Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningHerbert Greene Nature Preserve Visioning Project Overview (2009)
Frankie Allen Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningFrankie Allen Visioning Project Overview (2007)
Enota Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningEnota Visioning Project Overview (2006)
Emma Millican Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningEmma Millican Visioning Project Overview (2006)
Egan Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningEgan Visioning Project Overview (2007)
Eastside Parks VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningEastside Parks Visioning Project Overview (2009)
East Lake Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningEast Lake Visioning Project Overview (2005)
Collier Heights Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningCollier Heights Visioning Project Overview (2005)
Cleopas R. Johnson Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningCleopas R. JohnsonVisioning Project Overview (2010)
Chosewood Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningChosewood Visioning Project Overview (2011)
Central Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningCentral Visioning Project Overview (2013)
Brownwood Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningBrownwood Visioning Project Overview (2005)
Beecher Hampton Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningBeecher Hampton Visioning Project Overview (2006)
Adams Park VisionPlanning ReportsPark VisioningAdams Visioning Project Overview (2008)
16th Annual Parks & Greenspace Conference RegistrationRegistration FormsParks & Greenspace ConferenceOnline registration for the 16th Annual Parks & Greenspace Conference.
Online Fiscal Partner Donation FormFormsFiscal PartnersMake a Gift to a Friends of the Park Group! Please use this form to make a gift that is restricted for use supporting the park or greenspace you designate through that space's Friends of the Park Group for the purpose of park improvement.
FoP Membership Renewal for DeKalbFoP – Renewal ApplicationFriends of the ParkPlease fill out the form to renew or register your Friends of the Park group membership.
FoP Membership Renewal for AtlantaFoP – Renewal ApplicationFriends of the ParkPlease fill out the form to renew or register your Friends of the Park group membership.
Whistleblower PolicyContractsPark Pride PoliciesEmployee protection whistleblower policy.
Strategic Plan Executive SummaryPlanning ReportsOrganizational PlanningExecutive summary strategic summary plan for 2016-2018. Adopted by the Board of Directors on January 27, 2016.
Privacy PolicyContractsPark Pride PoliciesProtecting your private information is important to us. Park Pride has adopted and implemented this privacy policy as part of our commitment to protecting your personal information from misuse. This Statement of Privacy applies to Park Pride Atlanta, Inc. and to, and governs data collection and usage.
Park Pride 990 (2015)Financial DocumentsOperationsPark Pride financials
Park Pride Fundraising ManualGuidesFundraisingA manual for community-based fundraising for parks.
Annual Fund Donation FormFormsDonationsPrintable donation form. Park Pride is an 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality PolicyContractsPark Pride PoliciesThis is a conflict of interest and confidentiality policy designed to help directors, officers, employees and interns of Park Pride identify situations that present potential conflicts of interest and to provide Park Pride procedures.
Park Views Spring 2016NewslettersCommunicationsStory of Lindsay Street Park // Parks & Greenspace Conference // 2015 Park Pride Highlights
Park Views Summer 2015NewslettersCommunicationsSummerhill Park Visioning // Celebrating Earth Month // Parks & Greenspace Conference Highlights // Corporate Giving Circles
Park Views Fall 2015NewslettersCommunicationsFrom Vision to Reality // A Refreshing Change for Reverend James Orange Park // Grant Schedule
Forming a Friends of the Park GroupGuidesFriends of the ParkDetails on how to start a Friends of the Park Group
Park Visioning Grant ApplicationApplicationsPark VisioningDownload the Park Visioning Grant Application
Park Visioning ProgramPlanning ReportsPark VisioningLearn more about the Park Visioning Program
Inspiration Awards ApplicationApplicationsInspiration AwardsPDF Nomination Form for Park Pride’s Annual Inspiration Awards