We Activate the Power of Parks

Park Pride is the only nonprofit organization working with communities all over Atlanta and DeKalb to improve their parks.

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Friends of the ParkPark VisioningVolunteer ProgramGrant ProgramsCommunity GardensFiscal PartnersAdopt-the-Atlanta BeltLine



Friends of the Park

Community Support

It is Park Pride’s mission to engage the community to activate the power of parks, and the formation of a Friends of the Park group is the most effective first step in creating positive and long-lasting changes in a neighborhood park. Learn More


Park Visioning

Park Planning Assistance

Our signature program, Park Visioning is quite unique — like no other program in the country. Led by professional landscape architects on Park Pride’s staff, a community is guided through a process that converts that community’s park dream into a conceptual but tangible master plan. Learn More


Volunteer Program

Volunteering in Parks

Every year, Park Pride coordinates approximately 16,000 hours of service. Whether you’re with a community group, a corporate group, or just an individual looking to help out in your neighborhood, volunteering in a park is a great way for you and your peers to give back to the community while promoting teamwork and healthy outdoor activity. Learn More


Grant Programs

Matching Grants

From the smallest clean-up project to a full-scale park overhaul – or even building a park from scratch – Park Pride’s matching grant programs offer multiple options for communities in City of Atlanta and DeKalb County to go about go creating and funding their ideal greenspace. Learn More


Community Gardens

Garden Assistance

Community gardens bring positive activity to parks. They provide a forum for neighbors to join together and forge strong community bonds. Community gardens help beautify the landscape and provide benefits to the environment, and they are a source of fresh, local produce – some of which shared with the community. Learn More


Fiscal Partners

Fundraising Support

The Fiscal Partners program enables community groups in Atlanta and DeKalb County to raise funds for new playgrounds, enhanced landscaping and other park improvements without having to go through the process of securing 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax status. Through this program, Park Pride accepts tax-deductible contributions on behalf of neighborhood partners who are making improvements to their parks or public greenspaces. Learn More


Adopt-the-Atlanta BeltLine

Atlanta BeltLine Services & Support

The Adopt-the-Atlanta BeltLine program offers an opportunity for community groups to play a direct role in helping improve and maintain the Atlanta BeltLine. Learn More



Advocacy Platform
& Initiatives

Putting Parks First

Great parks provide immeasurable benefits to a community, positively impacting nearly effort facet of a neighborhood. Park Pride provides a voice for parks on behalf of the communities they serve, working to ensure that greenspace initiatives are adequately funded and remain a priority of elected officials. Learn More


Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Act

Dedicated Funding for Conservation

It has been nearly 20 years since Georgians have been able to voice their support for land and water conservation funding in our state. In that time, Georgia has seen recession, severe drought and new questions regarding how to best conserve our land and water as populations continue to grow. Learn More


Annual Parks & Greenspace Conference

Networking for the Greener Good

Our annual Parks and Greenspace Conference is an opportunity for networking and discussing greenspace initiatives with elected officials, community leaders, and park advocates. Learn More

Pints for Parks

Parks + Beer!

Pints for Parks is an annual Park Pride social that brings together park (and beer!) enthusiasts at Orpheus Brewing in the spirit of supporting greenspace! Learn More

Monthly Park Meeting

Network with Friends of the Park Groups!

On the second Thursday of every month at 7:30am, the Monthly Park Meeting brings together Friends of the Park group members, community leaders, and park advocates from throughout Atlanta for education and networking, and to support each other in efforts to improve our parks and park system. Learn More

Community Garden Tour

Be Inspired by What’s Growing in Atlanta!

Each year, Park Pride brings together community garden and urban ag enthusiasts for a tour of plots and farms in the City of Atlanta and to network with local garden enthusiasts. Learn More