Garden Assistance

Community Gardens

Community gardens bring positive activity to parks.

Community gardens provide a forum for neighbors to join together and forge strong community bonds. Community gardens help beautify the landscape and provide benefits to the environment, and they are a source of fresh, local produce – some of which shared with the community.

Park Pride has supported the establishment of 22 community gardens in City of Atlanta parks since 2007 when we encouraged the passage of legislation permitting them in parks.

All community gardens are open for visitors during park hours (just remember to get permission before picking any food).

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What to Expect

Community gardens bring a whole new level of engagement into your park. Before garden construction, you should expect:

  • That you’ll be asked to determine a budget for your garden design and that you’ll need to gain approval from the City of Atlanta Parks Department before construction
  • That Park Pride will assist community groups with the application and approval process for starting a community garden in a City of Atlanta park, and serve as a liaison between the community and Parks Department to ensure proper program implementation
  • That gardeners are responsible for weeding, watering and harvesting their garden beds!
  • To see more people in the park with the introduction of this new park activity; and more people in the park leads to a safer greenspace!

We have more than 20 community gardens in our program, each with its own unique flavor. If you would like to visit a community garden, please take a look at the map of Park Pride community gardens to find the garden nearest you.

Get Started

Are you interested in starting a community garden in your neighborhood park? Starting a garden is a community-driven process. Here are steps a group must take to get the garden established:

  1. Form a core group of interested gardeners and contact Park Pride
  2. Choose a sunny location in an available area of the park (not on a ball field)
  3. Determine an operational model (i.e. individual plots, communal gardening area, etc.)
  4. Design the garden, including layout and materials for raised beds, fencing, pathways, and water source
  5. Obtain support and approval from the community, including neighboring property owners and the NPU
  6. Submit the application and $250 restoration bond to Park Pride
  7. Obtain approval from the Parks Department through Park Pride
  8. If requested, submit a Review and Comment Application to the Atlanta Urban Design Commission and present the garden plan at a commission hearing
  9. Schedule a garden build date

Take a look at our Community Garden Info Sheet and Community Garden Adoption Agreement to learn more about the program and how to get started.