Mission & Values

The Power of Parks

Park Pride believes in the power of parks, and we help neighborhood groups make the best use of greenspaces that contribute to the overall health and well-being of Atlanta.

Park Pride Mission

To engage communities to activate the power of parks.

Park Pride Vision

Park Pride envisions Atlanta strengthened by and united through great parks, trails and greenspaces that meet the needs and reflect the unique character of all communities. 

Park Pride Philosophy

Park Pride believes in the Power of Parks. Great parks have the power to increase our quality of life and strengthen the fabric of our cities. They are welcoming places for members of the community to gather, play, relax, and connect with nature, encouraging mental and physical health. Great parks promote community engagement, safety, and revitalization. They generate economic benefits and enhance the ecological health of our neighborhoods. Great parks make our people happy, our communities strong, and our city resilient. 

Park Pride Values

Park Pride operates in ways that align with our core values of being:

  • Community-based: Place-based experience and the wisdom of people who live, work and play here are at the center of our efforts. It grounds the work we do.  
  • Equitable: Everyone deserves access to great parks, trails, and greenspace. We distribute our efforts and resources because all communities should be able to enjoy the benefits of great local parks and a great park system.
  • Inclusive: People of all backgrounds have important voices that should be heard. Efforts to engage communities in their parks are open to all. We demonstrate respect through active listening and an openness to other perspectives. 
  • Collaborative: Government, nonprofit, business, philanthropic and community partners are central to our success and help us achieve a greater impact.  
  • Trustworthy: We value the resources entrusted to us and demonstrate the highest ethical and professional standards.