Atlanta’s Memorial Drive Greenway finalized concept has been unveiled

The people of Atlanta have spoken, and a utopian vision for Memorial Drive’s westernmost reaches is now set in stone. They’re calling this long-planned, sweeping expanse of greenspaces—all studded with public art and cafes—the Memorial Drive Greenway. It would span from Oakland Cemetery to a large park that caps The Connector where Memorial meets downtown.

SOURCE: Curbed Atlanta

Boone Park West

The Power of Partnerships and Parks

The Conservation Fund’s Urban Conservation Manager, Shannon Lee, recently sat down with Michael Halicki, Executive Director of Park Pride, a nonprofit that works with the City of Atlanta to improve its parks. They discussed how working in partnership within local communities creates parks that offer the most value for specific and distinct neighborhoods. The Fund and Park Pride have collaborated on many park projects with many more in store.

SOURCE: The Conservation Fund

Final Concept Plan for Memorial Drive Greenway

Congratulations! Thanks to your input and feedback, the community-led Park Visioning process, facilitated by Park Pride, has been completed. The final concept plan for Memorial Drive Greenway (below) was presented at a public meeting on February 28th.

The Importance of Local, Neighborhood Parks

Last month, Catherine Nagel from City Parks Alliance came to Atlanta to participate in a roundtable discussion with Atlanta’s Mayoral candidates on the importance of urban parks. Following her visit, Nagel published a column entitled: “Prioritizing Equity in Planning (and Paying for) City Parks,” where she makes the case that equitable park access is a national issue. I share this column to put Park Pride’s efforts to draw attention to equitable park access in a national context.

SOURCE: Saporta Report

PNA Study Recognized with Fulcrum Award

On March 8th, 2017, Park Pride was honored and humbled to accept the Fulcrum Award from Southface for the Proctor Creek North Avenue Watershed Basin Green Infrastructure Vision (PNA Study for short) on behalf of all our project partners. The study’s goal was to provide a comprehensive assessment of the Proctor Creek Watershed Basic on Atlanta’s Westside and propose a series greenspace improvements and new parks that would provide relief for the combined sewer system that often overflowed into the neighborhood streets, in addition to bringing more parks to this under-parked community.

Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Act Approved by House Committee

The Natural Resources Committee of the Georgia House of Representatives unanimously approved House Bill 332, the
Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Act, earlier today. The legislation proposes that 75% of the existing sales tax on outdoor recreation equipment be dedicated to the protection of the state’s water, wildlife and quality of life.

Annual Parks & Greenspace Conference Sparks Important Conversations in Light of Projected Population Growth

Park Pride, the only Atlanta-based nonprofit that engages communities to activate the power of parks, is hosting the 16th Annual Parks & Greenspace Conference at the Atlanta Botanical Garden on Monday, March 27th. As people across the country increasingly relocate to cities, parks will play a major role in all aspects of growth, perhaps most significantly in creating and maintaining quality of life and livability benefits to residents. This year’s conference theme, Connecting with Parks, will highlight how parks can be leveraged for increased benefits across multiple sectors and why they should be at the forefront of development planning.

The Impact of an Integrated Park System

It’s important to acknowledge that a “systems approach” to park planning, design and management allows municipalities to stretch implementation dollars. That means a community receives multiple services for every dollar spent on a park project, a huge benefit considering Atlanta’s projected population growth and the anticipated infrastructural needs to support that growth.

SOURCE: Saporta Report

Park Pride Receives Grant from The Home Depot Foundation to Support “Pollinators in Parks”

Atlanta, GA, February 7, 2017 – Park Pride, the only Atlanta-based nonprofit that engages communities to activate the power of parks, in partnership with the Atlanta Botanical Garden, received a $60,000 grant from The Home Depot Foundation for the “Pollinators in Parks” pilot initiative to increase the presence and impact of pollinator gardens in five Atlanta Parks.