Friends of Anderson Park unveils new six-paneled mural in Dixie Hills

A snapshot of the new Anderson Park mural.

Earlier this month, a new feature was unveiled at Atlanta’s Anderson Park — a series of murals that showcase the legacy of the Dixie Hills neighborhood. This project is especially exciting as it’s the first mural funded through Park Pride’s Grantmaking Program, with $80,000 going to the Friends of the Park group. 

The six-paneled mural offers a snapshot of the historic neighborhood at different points in time — depicting past racial injustices and protests while also paying homage to icons of the neighborhood, including civil rights activist Julian Bond. 

Park Pride’s Grantmaking Fellow Avery Evans was involved in archival research that aided in developing the historical content for the panels. 

At the unveiling, Councilmember Michael Julian Bond said, “Hopefully, it will inspire [visitors] to inquire, ‘Who are these people? What did they do before I arrived in this neighborhood?’” 

The new public art will play an important role in amplifying park beautification, placekeeping and inclusion. 

The project was spearheaded by the Friends of Anderson Park and Historic Hills Community Development Corporation. Keona Jones and Derrick Green of the FoP group and Historic Hills CDC were instrumental in kicking off this effort, which began in 2020. 

 The piece was painted by local artist Henry M. Blackmon III. To learn more about the new mural, watch the video below. 

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