My Personal Crusade: Flood Facebook with Images of Parks!

Since taking on the role of executive director at Park Pride four years ago, I have taken to posting images of my work-related experiences in parks as well as my park-related journeys on weekends. As the political temperature has escalated this year, I have stepped up my game and redoubled my efforts as my own random act of disruption on Instagram and Twitter. My goal has been simply to show the beauty that I find in parks – the intricacies and complexities of a flower or a piece of art, a smiling face (often, my own children’s), a crowd of Atlantans on picnic blankets enjoying a concert in Grant Park.

SOURCE: Saporta Report

Celebrating Spring in Our Parks

Find more photos on our Facebook page. If you see yourself, tag yourself! Check the Park Pride calendar for future event details.

The Future of Atlanta is Green

On July 13, Park Pride and partners hosted the Mayoral Candidate Forum on Greenspace. The event was initially planned to take place at The Carter Center but was moved to Georgia State to accommodate a surge of registrants eager to hear the candidates’ views on greenspace. Twenty-four hours later, Georgia State’s larger auditorium was maxed out as well.

SOURCE: Saporta Report

Mayoral Candidate Responses to Greenspace Questionnaire

In advance of the Mayoral Candidate Forum on Greenspace, the nonprofit partners involved in the effort developed a comprehensive questionnaire that got to the heart of several of their most pressing issues that the next administration will have to face. Several of the candidates have provided written responses to these questions.

Parks Need Your Voice!

Atlanta is at a critical juncture for the future of its parks and greenspace. Park Pride is making the case for increased funding for park maintenance under the next administration. The facts behind the need are compelling: increases in park … Continue Reading →

Mayor candidates talk equity, vie for green vote, at Downtown forum

The organizers of an Atlanta mayoral candidate forum on green space Thursday night had to move their event to a bigger auditorium — their first venue couldn’t hold everyone who wanted to know more about what the political hopefuls propose for the city’s trees, watersheds and parks. So on a Georgia State University stage, 10 mayoral hopefuls sketched out green visions for a crowd of nearly 400.

SOURCE: Saporta Report

Video: Mayoral Candidate Forum on Greenspace

On July 13, a coalition of Atlanta’s green nonprofits came together to host the Mayoral Candidate Forum on Greenspace in advance of the November election. Nearly 400 passionate greenspace enthusiasts attended to hear ten Atlanta mayoral candidates discuss their views on … Continue Reading →