Parks for All, Y’all!

Park Pride launched its first-ever comprehensive campaign, Parks for All, in 2022, and it has been a game changer—for Atlanta’s communities, for Atlanta’s parks, and for Park Pride.

Meet Me at The Park: Reflecting on 10 Years at Park Pride

This month marks Michael Halicki’s 10-year anniversary as Park Pride’s executive director. In this Saporta Report article, he reflects on his passion for parks, what he’s learned over the years, and why he is so invested in the world of Atlanta’s local parks.

SOURCE: Saporta Report

Community Celebration at Cascade Springs Nature Preserve

On Friday, June 16, Park Pride joined partners at the City of Atlanta, including Council Member Marci Collier Overstreet, the Department of Parks & Recreation and Commissioner Justin Cutler, the Cascade Springs Nature Conservancy, Nature Gurlz, and the Southwest Atlanta community to celebrate the completion of several major park improvements at the Cascade Springs Nature Preserve, made possible with funding through a Park Pride grant.

A Turning Point: New Beginnings, Inspiration, and Hope

Eli Dickerson, Park Pride’s new Director of Education, has been at the organization for six months. In this contribution to People, Places, and Parks, he reflects on why he’s excited to have joined this team that has been low-key making a huge impact in Atlanta for decades.

SOURCE: Saporta Report

Park Pride launches new program to help residents activate their neighborhood parks

This fall, 12 residents are going to hone their leadership skills through Park Pride’s new Park Stewardship Academy (PSA). The nonprofit just selected the inaugural cohort that will undergo a three-month educational and skill-building program to learn how to better activate their respective parks through community events, programs and volunteer opportunities.

SOURCE: Saporta Report

Doing Things Differently for Parks

The need for greater funding in our city’s park system–especially for park maintenance– is not a new problem, nor is it solely an Atlanta problem. Cities across the country struggle to meet acceptable standards of care for our parks while balancing competing demands for resources. But now, leaders at all levels in Atlanta have displayed the courage to do things differently, to challenge the status quo, and implement changes that will lead us toward a greener, more equitable, and better maintained park system. In this month’s contribution to the Saporta Report’s “People, Places, and Parks,” Park Pride’s Executive Director, Michael Halicki, and Director of Communications & Policy, Rachel Maher, say “thank you” to these leaders.

SOURCE: Saporta Report