Atlanta City Council Member Dustin Hillis Introduces Legislation To Strengthen City’s Yearly Commitment to Parks, Recreation Centers, and Trails

District 9 Council member Dustin Hillis introduced legislation to make the largest new, yearly commitment to parks in Atlanta in half a century. The legislation will bolster the City’s dedicated Parks Improvement Fund by approximately $16 million annually, ensuring the City has the funds to properly maintain new and existing parks, recreation centers, and trails. “I appreciate the support of my City Council colleagues, our parks advocacy organizations like Park Pride, and the continued support from the philanthropic community,” Hillis stated. “Once passed, I truly believe this will unlock a true ‘golden age’ of parks here in our great city.”

SOURCE: Atlanta City Council

A Golden Age of Parks in Atlanta? Maybe.

There is a lot of momentum within the parks movement in Atlanta right now, so much so that it’s had Park Pride’s Executive Director, Michael Halicki, wondering whether we’re on the brink of a “golden age of parks.” Read his thoughts on its feasibility and what it would take to get there in this month’s contribution to Saporta Report’s “People, Places, and Parks.”

SOURCE: Saporta Report

Happy Earth Day 2023!

Happy Earth Day! Park Pride, working in partnership with the Friends of Stone Hogan Park, Atlanta’s Department of Parks & Recreation, Trees Atlanta, and LIFE Church, hosted a volunteer workday … Continue Reading →

Advancing environmental justice, one community at a time

As Clorox continues to celebrate Earth Month and a $100,000 grant to Park Pride through their Healthy Parks Project, more than 40 volunteers from Clorox, Friends of Reverend James Orange Park, Georgia STAND-Up, and others spent the day cleaning up trash, planting flowers and painting benches to keep the park ready for play.

SOURCE: The Clorox Company

Regional leaders discuss the power, challenges of city-wide park nonprofits

The City of Atlanta is home to 447 parks and, as a result, 77% of residents can walk to a local greenspace within 10 minutes. That number is significantly higher than the national average of 55 percent. While this is a great feat, local leaders must still work to ensure that these spaces are activated and well maintained — a major topic of discussion at Park Pride’s recent 22nd annual Parks and Greenspace Conference.

SOURCE: Saporta Report

Leaders and experts discuss the healing power of parks at Park Pride’s 22nd annual conference

Park Pride hosted its 22nd annual Parks and Greenspace Conference this week, with about 450 government officials, local leaders and park enthusiasts filling the Atlanta Botanical Garden. The theme was “The Healing Power of Parks,” with speakers exploring the importance of park access and use from the perspective of health, community, policy and more.

SOURCE: Saporta Report