Park Visioning Program

Summer 2023: A Vision for Atlanta’s Parks

Teri Nye, Sr. Park Designer, and Andrew White, Dir. of Park Visioning, facilitate a community meeting for the Falling Water Park visioning process.

Numerous studies show that an excellent park system improves quality of life by promoting health, reducing crime, restoring the environment, maintaining habitats, and strengthening social ties. Park Pride’s visioning process plays a critical role in achieving this vision for every neighborhood in Atlanta.

When communities come together to reimagine their neighborhood park (or to dream big for the future of an undeveloped one), they establish the building blocks of a thriving and well-loved public space with the potential to become the heart of the community.
Park visioning is a community-led process, guided by Park Pride’s landscape architects, that builds consensus amongst neighbors for what they want to see in their greenspace, whether that be walking trails, a pavilion, pollinator garden, dog park, or exercise stations. The conceptual park plan that results from extensive and inclusive community engagement is, therefore, truly a reflection of the community.

Park Visioning in 2023

Park Visioning is underway with the neighborhoods of Peoplestown and Southeast Atlanta to create plans for Four Corners Park and Falling Water Park, respectively. Communities and parks that participate in this program are selected through a competitive application process; both Atlanta parks were selected because of their potential to play a multifunctional role in their neighborhood.

The selection process for parks to receive visioning services in unincorporated DeKalb County has begun. Stay tuned for the announcement in the coming weeks!

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