Welcoming Yoon Tae Chong, Park Pride’s new Senior Foundation Relations Manager!

Meet Park Pride’s new team member! Yoon Tae Chong has recently joined as Park Pride’s new Senior Foundation Relations Manager. In this position, he will manage private and corporate foundation funding relationships to secure significant and stable funding for the organization. 

Yoon Tae moved around a good bit growing up but calls the North Georgia foothills home. He studied religion and philosophy at UGA and the University of Chicago. After grad school, Yoon Tae started his fundraising career at an immigrant and social services nonprofit in Chicago. He has also worked at nonprofits focused on aging, housing, and public health prior to joining Park Pride. As a parent, care for the environment and natural world has taken on new meaning. He plans to do his part in ensuring future generations can also enjoy the world as he has. 

Continue reading to get to know Yoon Tae in his own words! 

What does the “power of parks” mean to you? 

Parks have the capacity to not only clean air pollution but also host a child’s birthday party and everything in between. The power of parks is its diverse capacity to be a place for people and nature to grow together. 

Why are parks an important part of the community? 

I believe parks belong to the community so function to be a reflection of the community in a way. Parks like communities are always changing and adapting, are never perfect, and always need upkeep. Parks just seem to be inherently connected to the life and vitality of its local community. 

What are you most excited about regarding your new role?  

I am most excited to join an organization that makes a lasting, tangible difference on a hyper local level. As a fundraiser, I look forward to the creative ways that local communities can leverage and utilize the resources that Park Pride can provide. 

How do you hope to empower communities to engage and make a difference in their neighborhood parks? 

Fundraising is always a challenging yet critical component to enacting change, and I hope to show communities that fundraising can be an empowering form of engagement. 

What’s your favorite park memory? 

In 2017, I travelled to the country of Georgia and set eyes on the Caucasus mountains. They were truly sublime—equally terrifying and beautiful.  

Favorite Atlanta park (and why)?  

Bessie Branham Park.  I can thank Bessie for enabling me to meet amazing friends, play basketball year-round, witness our son find joy in running on the grass, sled on a cardboard box down the hill when it occasionally snows, and smoke chicken wings for the Spring Fling. 

Help us welcome Yoon Tae to the team! Email him at yoontae@parkpride.org 

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