Parks for All

Building Park Pride’s Capacity

A message from Park Pride's Executive Director, Michael Halicki

Recently, we’ve shared stories about the Parks for All campaign and the growing impact of our work across the city. The implementation of this growth, however, requires the concurrent growth of Park Pride to deliver more positive outcomes.

That is why a portion of the Parks for All campaign is focused on making significant investments into our team. We’re supporting internal bench strength, adding new positions to provide individualized coaching to Friends groups, and preparing tomorrow’s leaders through internships.

We are building Park Pride’s capacity to meet the moment, and the effort is paying off! For example, we rallied advocates to speak up for a higher standard for our parks. As a result, Atlanta City Council recently adopted legislation dedicating close to $11 million more dollars, annually, to the maintenance of our parks, trails and recreation centers. A huge win!

I anticipate many more such wins as we continue to grow our team, develop our expertise, and invest in relationships with communities, partners, and government officials to make Parks for All a reality.

It’s an exciting moment for Park Pride and for the parks and communities we support—thank you for being part of our success!

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