Park Pride’s Green Tie Gala

Over 400 guests danced their “picnic chic” for Park Pride’s 30th anniversary celebration, the Green Tie Gala.

The Green Tie Gala was an opportunity to celebrate and thank youour donors, Friends of the Park group members, volunteers, corporate and foundation supporters, board alumni, and government and nonprofit partners. Our work simply would not be possible if it weren’t for your support.

Highlights From the Night

Park Pride’s Executive Director, Michael Halicki, with Founding Chair, Tally Sweat (center) and first Executive Director, Carolyn Rader (left).



Gala attendees enjoyed wine and a specially brewed beer from Orpheus Brewing called “Branching Out.”



Friends of the Park group members are the core of Park Pride’s accomplishments. Thank you for all you do for parks!



Shared meals build community. Thanks to Soiree Catering, Georgia Grown’s Chef Holly Chute, and others for an amazing meal.



Nothing like fresh cider from Fruit Forward Orchards! Guests also enjoyed delicious appetizers from Georgia Grown vendors.



Trivia, anyone? Gala attendees had a blast on The Southern Pedaler’s party bike while testing their knowledge of Atlanta-area parks.



As with so many great parties, attendees closed out the Gala with dancing, led by Rob Harper and the Peachtree Serenaders.



Park Pride couldn’t fulfill its mission without the support of our corporate and foundation supporters and Board members.


A Special Thanks

Honorary Co-Chairs

Arthur Blank
Sally & Jim Morgens

Event Host

Dorothy Yates Kirkley

Host Committee

Robin Aiken & Bill Bolen
Peggy & Gary Allumbaugh
Liz & Frank Blake

Melody & Ted Darch
Kelley & Jeffrey Ellman
May B. & Howell Hollis
Denise & Fred Koehl
Barbara & Bert Levy
Teed & Sadler Poe
Barbara & Ron Reid
Elizabeth & Christopher Rollins
Lucy Vance
Joni Winston


Lisa & Mark Balloun
Marcia Dew Bansley

Nancy & Kirk Billings
Claire & Joseph Cronk
Louisa & Michael D’Antignac
Winifred & Tread Davis
Linda DiSantis & Bob Kerr
Katharine & Alan Elsas
Robin & Joseph Finley

Courtney & Clint Fletcher
Liz Gillespie
Betty Hanacek & Ron Loines
Whitney & Patrick Hand
Kimberly & Edrick Harris

Lee Harrop
Matt Hicks
Cammie Ives & Dave Stockert
Riali & Blake Lyons
Elaine & Claud Morgan
Paul Raulet

Janet & Arnie Silverman
Lindsey & Peter Sones

Tamara & Iain Stewart
Esther & Jim Stokes
Anita & John Strickler
Sarah & David Sutherland
Caroline & Bryan Vroon
Tanya & K Whitner
Helaine Woodroof & Stacy Funderburke
Sally & Comer Yates



For more information regarding our sponsors, visit:

gala information

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