Park Prides 2019 Inspiration Award Winners!

At Park Pride’s 18th Annual Parks and Greenspace Conference on March 25, 2019, six Inspiration Award winners were recognized for their commitment to nurturing and strengthening the bonds between parks and communities. This year, these leaders were recognized: JyQuan Almond … Continue Reading →

Celebrating 30 Years for the Greener Good: Park Visioning

2019 marks Park Pride’s 30th anniversary of engaging communities to activate the power of parks! We’re excited to look back over the decades and showcase some of Park Pride’s accomplishments… starting with the 42 conceptual park plans created through the community-engagement … Continue Reading →

Bringing Positive Activity into Your Park

Friends of the Park groups are composed of individuals with a wealth of knowledge about community engagement and tactics that work and appeal to specific neighbors and communities. Through a Park Pride workshop in the Fall of 2018, we brought … Continue Reading →

The Power of a Great Park

The Power of a Great Park from Park Pride on Vimeo. For almost 30 years, Park Pride has engaged communities to activate the power of parks, making communities: Healthier Safer Stronger Cleaner Greener  Happier Everyone deserves to have a great … Continue Reading →

Making a Difference through Volunteering

“I’m a firm believer that we don’t have to leave our neighborhood to have something nice and enjoy something nice.
Without Park Pride, we wouldn’t have what we have today.” ~ Gwendolyn Stegall

Turning Park Dreams into Realities

“Having these grants [from Park Pride] and what we’ve done, it brings so many people to the park. So, really Park Pride, from the design, getting volunteers, helping us coordinate work days, and then the grant process… there’s no other group that does that.”  ~ Tom Branch, Friends of Frazier-Rowe Park

Meet Park Pride’s NEW Director of Community Building, Tina Arnold!

Park Pride is pleased to introduce you to the greenest member of the team, our new Director of Community Building, Tina Arnold! Within her role, she will promote, educate, and advocate for parks, and foster a culture of stewardship and support among Friends of the Park groups across the city.

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Ayanna Williams Departs Park Pride After 11 Years

  This fall, Ayanna Williams, Park Pride’s Director of Community Building, announced her departure from the organization after 11 years! It would be impossible to overstate Ayanna’s accomplishments with Park Pride. With a degree in social work and considerable community … Continue Reading →