How Small Actions Make a BIG Difference in Parks!

BIG IMPACT begins with small changes. Take action for your park!

You might think that making a significant impact to your park and community requires an equally large personal commitment of time and energy. However, in as little time as it takes to make a phone call or plan a fun outing for your friends and family, you can make your park a better place.


Here are three small actions you can take to benefit your park in a big way:

1.) Downed trees are a common issue in parks. They’re unsightly and can block walking or biking paths. Hanging tree limbs can fall and cause serious injury. Please report downed trees, hanging limbs or other safety concerns to Parks Customer Service:

  • City of Atlanta – 404.546.6813
  • DeKalb County – 404.371.2711

2.) Enjoying a picnic or cookout in a park increases the positive activity taking place in your park and encourages more positive activities from your neighbors. The more active your park, the less time and space is available for negative activity, giving an overall boost to park safety.

Want to take it a step further? Partner with the Friends of the Park group to plan a Halloween parade or a potluck dinner and invite all in your community to take part in the fun!

Contact Park Reservations to reserve space or pavilions at your park:

  • City of Atlanta – 404.546.6757
  • DeKalb County – 404.371.2902

3.) Often, addressing issues or initiating positive change in your park simply requires getting the attention of your community leadership. Invite elected officials and neighborhood leaders to your park for a walk, hike or stroll. It can be a great opportunity to see the current park conditions and discuss priorities.

Not sure if your neighborhood park has a Friends of the Park group, or are you interested in starting one? Contact Ayanna Williams, Director of Community Building: or 404.546.7963.

With contagious enthusiasm, Community Building summer intern, Angela Jiang, worked with Friends of the Park groups to document park maintenance issues and connect groups to needed resources. Pictured here with Ruby Mitchell of Friends of Lillian Cooper Shepherd Park.

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