Should you be visiting your local park?

  Among the many uncertainties that we face during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is understandable that you may question whether to visit parks, trails, or open spaces during this time. You are not alone; Park Pride shares your concerns. First, it is critical that–while visiting any location outside of your home, including parks and trails–you … Continue Reading →

Nature for All – Atlanta

With support from the Turner Foundation and in partnership with Trees Atlanta and the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance, Adriana Garcia, was hired to be Park Pride’s Nature Accessibility Advocate and champion an initiative called Nature for All – Atlanta.  

Decade in DeKalb!

In 2019, Park Pride, Friends of the Park groups, and DeKalb County were proud to celebrate a Decade in DeKalb and the accomplishments of the communities supported through capital improvements, volunteer engagement, and community building in DeKalb County parks!  

COVID-19 Updates from Your Jurisdictions

With things changing daily as society learns how to best respond to the developing COVID-19 pandemic, it is easy to become overwhelmed with information about what to do and what not to do. Do Your Part to STOP the Spread of COVID-19! Parks play a key role in fulfilling important mental and physical needs, especially … Continue Reading →

For the Greener Good – Park Pride Joins Radio

Director of Park Visioning at Park Pride, Andrew White joined the studio for an episode of Atlanta Real Estate Radio. Co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick welcome White on this segment of Around Atlanta Radio to discuss the Park Pride initiative, past and ongoing projects and ways to help the community.

SOURCE: Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio

Park Pride Awards Over $1 Million to Fund Park Improvements Across the City

Download PDF Press Release Atlanta – February 24, 2020 – In its 30th year, Park Pride awarded a record $1,385,000 in capital funding for park improvements to 30 Friends of the Park groups across the City of Atlanta, unincorporated DeKalb County, City of Brookhaven, and City of Tucker. To date, Park Pride has awarded over $7 million to projects that include new playgrounds, bridges and piers, ADA-accessibility improvements, informational kiosks and signage, … Continue Reading →

Update: Atlanta – The City in the Saplings?

This column provides an update to Teri Nye’s July 2019 column, Atlanta: The City in the Saplings? and an initial response to November’s Tree Protection Ordinance Public Meeting. Following that meeting, it is important to re-emphasize the protection of our existing tree canopy and accurately valuing the services and benefits that mature trees provide.

SOURCE: Saporta Report

Ellen Bruenderman: Activating Community Power

“If we do our work well, communities will continue to benefit from the power of parks beyond their engagement with Park Pride.” ~Ellen Bruenderman