Helena Wright: The Joy of Parks

Say hello to Helena Wright, the Community Building  Intern with Park Pride this summer. From Newnan, Georgia, Helena is currently a student at Georgia Tech, majoring in Public Policy and minoring in Sustainable Cities and Technology & Management.

“The joy parks bring is repaid in kind by the community caring for and maintaining the park.” – Helena Wright


Outside of class (and spending time in parks), Helena is involved with the Student Government Association at Tech, and this upcoming school year will be overseeing the student lobby group called Ramblin’ Reps.

We asked Helena about her thoughts on parks, pop culture, and the world of Park Pride:

Why are parks important?

Not everyone has access to forests and nature preserves so parks are a great resource. They provide safe spaces for children to play, large swatches of land to hold events, and an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

How do you see communities connected to parks? What role does each play for the other?

Parks offer a great place for communities to meet and enjoy themselves. The joy parks bring is repaid in kind by the community caring for and maintaining the park.

How are parks important for the environment?

Parks provide a wide range of habitats for animals who otherwise would not be able to live in the city. Trees provide wonderful shade protection which helps reduces the heat island effect.

What’s been your favorite aspect of working for Park Pride this summer?

I have really enjoyed getting to know all the different neighborhoods in the city and learn their personal story.

And now, I have to ask the fun questions. What’s your favorite era of fashion? 

Early 2000s, it’s iconic for all the wrong reasons and I admire that.

What is the ultimate best park picnic food and why?

Sandwiches and chips are the go-to picnic meal. It’s easy and has minimal mess. Also, it isn’t hard to carry making it easy to move around the park.


I could eat a picnic sandwich right now! Welcome to Park Pride, Helena!

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