Grace Raulet: Giving Back Through Parks

Say hello to Grace Raulet, one of Park Pride’s summer Visioning Interns ! Grace is currently a 3rd year Landscape Architecture student at the University of Georgia in the College of Environment and Design, with a minor in Spanish and a certificate in Urban and Metropolitan Studies.

“Parks are an act of giving back to the earth by replenishing and protecting green spaces, instead of diminishing them” – Grace Raulet


Grace love the outdoors, traveling, hiking, and exploring new places.

We sat down with Grace to learn more about her thoughts on parks, Park Pride, and life!

Park Pride’s mission is “to engage communities to activate the power of parks.” What does the “power of parks mean to you?

I think parks have the power to not only revitalize and re-energize a community, but also bring people together from all sorts of backgrounds in a way that not many other things are able to do.

How do you see communities connected to parks? What role does each play for the other?

Parks are a place where everyone is welcome, where communities become connected, and where positive memories are made. Whether it is meeting a new neighbor, a celebrating a child’s birthday, or simply taking a stroll with your dog, parks have the power to connect us to nature and to other members of the community in a positive and healthy way.

How are parks important for the environment?

In a city that is continuously growing and a planet that is continuously being taken from, parks are an act of giving back to the earth by replenishing and protecting green spaces, instead of diminishing them.  Parks also help in solving serious environmental problems such as stormwater runoff and the effect of urban heat islands, and cities are quickly realizing just how vital the role of parks is for resilient cities.

What’s been your favorite aspect of working for Park Pride so far?

My favorite aspect of working for Park Pride has been attending steering committee meetings and getting to see how communities are so passionate about the greenspace in their community.  It has also been very inspiring to see the design work that the Park Visioning team has created over the past couple of years, and to see those plans be constructed and watch the community’s dreams come to life.

And now just for fun, in your opinion what is the ultimate park picnic food?

Cheese and meat board!


Great choice Grace! And welcome to the Park Pride team!


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