Chris Lemons: Making Greenspaces a Priority

Welcome to our team, Chris Lemons! Chris recently joined Park Pride as the new Volunteer Program Manager, a position that coordinates volunteer activities, manages Green Good Volunteer Days, and is the point person for our Friends of the Parks groups when it comes to questions about volunteer projects.

“As density in metro Atlanta increases, park and recreational spaces will become increasingly more important. It’s pivotal that our parks and greenspaces remain priorities as our area grows.” ~ Chris Lemons

Chris grew up in Atlanta and is excited to be part of an organization that directly influences neighborhoods like his own. Outside of Park Pride, Chris owns a farm and loves to work on it while spending time with his dogs Ringo, Peaches, Coco, and Black and White.

We sat down with Chris to get to know him better:

Why are parks important to you? 

Parks are activation points in our communities. Our parks are where we exercise, educate, play, and heal. Parks also house many of our community gardens, which are near and dear to my heart.

Park Pride’s mission is “to engage communities to activate the power of parks.” What does this mean to you?

It means that Park Pride will give all kinds of communities the platform to build and thrive. It also means showing our friends and neighbors how to develop their communities through park spaces. As an organization, we have to be intentional about equity in our parks.

What are you most excited about for your role at Park Pride? 

I’m the most excited about getting to know all of the great friends and families across the metro area. I’m also excited to see our Friends of the Park and Atlanta BeltLine adopter groups continue to grow and watch our parks have support through collective efforts. They really help support our organization, and I want to ensure my role honors the legendary former Volunteer Manager John Ahern’s work.

If you could share a message with the community, what would you say?

I want to encourage our communities–and especially our young people–to organize and be creative. Use your imagination when you think about all the things we can do in our parks. We enjoy diverse outdoor space in Atlanta, and it should be highlighted because it adds value to our communities.

Whats your favorite park memory?

Growing food in Four Corners Park and installing a pollinator garden there.

Tea or coffee?


Favorite subject in school?



Thanks for sharing, Chris! Welcome to Park Pride!

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  1. Chris – Welcome to Park Pride – you’re with a great organization. Please send me your phone contact #.


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