Faria Khan: Parks and Fulfillment

“Parks have the ability to promote exercise and fulfillment while bringing people together.”- Faria Khan

Elizabeth Bogue: Parks and Inclusion

“I hope for all of our local parks to be welcoming and inclusive to people from all backgrounds and walks of life.” – Elizabeth Bogue

Chris Lemons: Making Greenspaces a Priority

“As density in metro Atlanta increases, park and recreational spaces will become increasingly more important. It’s pivotal that our parks and greenspaces remain priorities as our area grows.” ~ Chris Lemons

Park Pride’s Green Tie Gala

Over 400 guests danced their “picnic chic” for Park Pride’s 30th anniversary celebration, the Green Tie Gala. The Green Tie Gala was an opportunity to celebrate and thank you, our donors, Friends of the Park group members, volunteers, corporate and foundation supporters, board alumni, and government and nonprofit partners. Our work simply would not be possible if it weren’t … Continue Reading →

Thirty Years of Passion for Parks

For 30 years, Park Pride has engaged communities to activate the power of parks. Thirty years. A lot has changed over the course of three decades, and we remain committed to advocating for and improving parks. Why? The simple answer is three-fold: Parks are good for people. Parks are good for communities. Parks are good for the environment. … Continue Reading →

Mariaelena Navarro: Greenspaces and Community

Mariaelena is the Communications and Development Intern with Park Pride this fall! Mariaelena grew up in Brunswick, Georgia and is a currently studying English at Georgia State University. “The importance of greenspaces in cities is evident in the community building and environmental impact of parks.” – Mariaelena Navarro Outside of Park Pride, Mariaelena enjoys eating … Continue Reading →

Digging in for the Greener Good

In 2018, over 6,700 Park Pride volunteers completed 253 projects (building bridges and footpaths, improving trails, installing gardens, painting pavilions, mulching beds, etc.) in parks and along the Atlanta BeltLine. Taken together, their efforts equal a sweat equity investment of over $450,000. Thank you, volunteers, for your unwavering commitment to the greener good! We’re on track for another great year of volunteering in 2019.

Parks for Everyone, Everywhere

Everyone deserves to live within walking distance of a great park or greenspace. Learn about the recent improvements made at two parks that are having a positive impact on their communities.