Park Pride Funds Upgrades in 17 Atlanta & DeKalb Parks

Park Pride has announced that $820,000 has been granted to 17 community groups in Atlanta and DeKalb to fund capital park improvements. To date, Park Pride has awarded over $4.8 million to projects that include new playgrounds, boardwalks and bridges, improved signage, new trails and exercise equipment, and more.

A Story of Transformation: Briarlake Forest Park

“We did what we needed to do…”Richard Marion, Briarlake Forest Park. The Friends of Briarlake Forest Park are helping the old-growth forest in their community to thrive. They successfully protected the land from damaging development and convinced the county to purchase it for public greenspace.

A Story of Transformation: Chapel Hill Park

“Most people are absolutely shocked when they get to this park.” Linda Cotten Taylor, Friends of Chapel Hill Park. The Friends of Chapel Hill Park have made incredible transformations throughout their 126-acre park over the years, thanks to hundreds of volunteer hours dedicated to improving this greenspace.

A Story of Park Transformation: Vine City Park

“Vine City Park represents what [we] can achieve working together.” Byron Amos, Friends of Vine City Park. The Friends of Vine City Park kicked off the summer with a ribbon cutting to celebrate the completion of their park!

Adams Park 2016

A Story of Transformation: Adams Park

“the partnership with park pride has been incredible.” Corliss Claire, Adams Park Foundation. When the Adams Park Foundation (a registered Friends of the Park group) began revitalizing their historic greenspace years ago, most areas were covered with overgrowth and invasive plants, obscuring common spaces from view and blocking walkways.