Meet Israel Todd, Park Pride’s new Community Services Fellow

Park Pride is excited to announce that Israel Todd has joined the team as a Community Services Fellow! She will be with us for six months through the Partnership for Inclusive Innovation Fellowship.

Coming from Columbus, Georgia, Israel graduated from Georgia State University this past December with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition. With an interest in nutrition and its link with environmental sustainability, equity and holistic health, Israel has started her career in Atlanta as a research intern to join health professionals and others in initiatives to improve the overall quality of life for all. Israel will use her robust experience in tech innovation, applied research, customer service, data management and communications to assist the Community Services team. 

Continue reading to get to know Israel in her own words!

What does the “power of parks” mean to you?  

To me, it means that parks create a space of growth and connection for local communities, in addition to requiring connection and strategy to create these spaces to best fit the needs of the surrounding community. 

Why are parks an important part of the community?  

Parks are spaces where people of different backgrounds and similar interests can gather, create memories and build connections with one another.  

What are you most excited about regarding your new role?  

I’m most excited to explore the principles of social sustainability and its many benefits to community engagement of all kinds, in addition to attending Park Pride events to gain more insights in my research and parks. 

How do you hope to empower communities to engage and make a difference in their neighborhood parks?  

By providing resources and methodologies based on focused research that will best help Park Pride, representatives and all other interested parties assess their full potential as individuals to continue to power our parks.  

What’s your favorite park memory?  

Feeding the ducks with my friends and family. 

Favorite Atlanta park (and why)?  

My favorite is the most-popular Piedmont Park because it was the closest to my college and I was able to create a lot of memories with my friends there.  

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