2019 Highlights

From Park Pride’s 2020 Spring Newsletter.

A record $1,385,000 awarded to 30 friends of the park groups through the Grant Program.

A 2018 Legacy Grant to the Chastain Park conservancy supported an expansion to the playground, September 2019.

146 Friends of the Park Groups engaged in activating their parks.

The Friends of Lang-Carson Park pose while planning great park activations, June 2018.


50 national and local presenters at the 18th Annual Parks & Greenspace Conference.

Mitchell Silver, Commissioner of New York’s Dept. of Parks and Recreation, delivers a powerful keynote presentation on equity and parks, March 2019.

27 communities received park design support through the Park Visioning Program.

Community members give input into the conceptual plan for Mozley Park, August 2019.

189 park projects completed with support from 4,376 passionate volunteers.

Tireless volunteers remove invasive plants at Kittredge Park (Dekalb County), February 2019. Photo by Luke Beard.

1 BRAND NEW park, Kathryn Johnston Memorial Park, on Atlanta’s westside.

All smiles on the playground of the English Avenue community’s new Kathryn Johnston Memorial Park, October 2019.

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