2018 Impact Report

2018 Impact Report



Thirty years ago, a group of passionate individuals in Atlanta came together around three shared beliefs: that great parks improve well-being, have the power to strengthen communities, and make cities and the environment more resilient. Committed to the greener good, these individuals nurtured the culture of stewardship for community and greenspace upon which Park Pride was built.

Park Pride began as a small nonprofit focused mostly on park beautification projects. The scope of our work has grown over the years in response to the growing need for access to quality parks within walking distance of where people live.

With your support in 2018, Park Pride enhanced parks in every corner of the city. Together, we helped over 160 Friends of the Park groups improve parks while building community along the way. With our dedicated team of landscape architects, neighbors were invited to dream big and imagine what’s possible in their greenspace. We awarded nearly $1 million in matching grants for park improvements and hosted another wildly successful Parks and Greenspace Conference, an inspirational event that has grown to be the largest annual parks conference in the Southeast.

None of these accomplishments were achieved on our own. Your support sustains Park Pride, and our successes are yours as well.

Since 1989, our understanding of the important role that parks play in communities has evolved. As one park enthusiast recently stated, “As the heart is the lifeblood of human existence, public parks play the same role in society.” In other words, parks are the heart of community.

While parks are the heart of community, friends like you are the heart of Park Pride.

Together, we have much to celebrate. As we move forward into the next chapter of building a legacy of great parks and strong communities within Atlanta, we invite you to reconfirm your commitment to the greener good and join us at the Green Tie Gala this fall, a celebration that will commemorate three decades of accomplishments and those still to come.

Thank you for being a part of our story. Now, we hope you enjoy this look back at some of our favorite moments from 2018 that illustrate the difference you made possible in our city.

2018 Impact Report


Michael Halicki
Park Pride’s Executive Director

philosophy: Park Pride believes in the power of parks. Great parks have the power to increase our quality of life and strengthen the fabric of our cities. They are welcoming places for members of the community to gather, play, relax, and connect with nature, encouraging mental and physical health. Great parks promote community engagement, safety, and revitalization. They generate economic benefits and enhance the ecological health of our neighborhoods. Great parks make our residents happy, our communities strong, and our city resilient.

missionTo engage communities to activate the power of parks.

vision:Park Pride envisions Atlanta strengthened by and united through great parks, trails, and greenspaces that meet the needs and reflect the unique character of all communities.

2018 Impact Report

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