Why I Give: It’s Bigger than Parks

Debbie Kimerling Schneider, DeKalb County community member and Park Pride advocate

“Parks make people smile. Parks bring people together. Parks are healthy.” Debbie Kimerling Schneider

Park Pride makes communities feel proud of their parks. Park Pride brings terrific energy to local communities. They work to activate our shared, public spaces—making them work for the people who live there.

That’s the true beauty behind Park Pride’s mission: it is so much bigger than parks. Park Pride unites people.

When working with Park Pride, neighbors who have never met get to know one another. They can hold open, honest discussions with each other, and they generally come out with a better sense of how to work together.

Ultimately, these communities become united behind a common goal for their park. Park Pride just gives them the tools and resources they need to envision and advocate for it.

Park Pride is an organization with something for everyone—for people of all ages and from all walks of life. And, as beneficiaries of this wonderful service, it’s up to us to ensure that Park Pride has the resources they need to carry out their mission.

That’s why I’m a proud supporter of the greener good.”

Will you support the greener good?

Your gift will help more communities, like Debbie’s, unite through the power of parks.

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