Why Give Monthly for the Greener Good?

Your monthly gift will go so much further than you think.


Reduce Costs

When you give monthly, Park Pride can send out fewer letters – saving money on printing, office supplies, staff time and mailing expenses so that more of your gift can go where it matters – improving parks!

Save a Tree

Fewer letters also means less paper waste, keeping more trees where they belong – like in parks and greenspaces!

Provide Steady Support

When you give monthly, you help provide the sustained resources needed to accelerate the pace and scale of Park Prides’s work to provide programs, funding, advocacy and leadership for parks and greenspaces, year-round!

Monthly Giving is Good for You, too!

This is our favorite part – giving monthly allows you to break your yearly gift to Park Pride into small payments. For instance, a gift of only $10 a month adds up to over $100 a year – increasing your impact for the Greener Good!


Give Monthly

or, make a one-time gift.


Donation FAQs

Is Park Pride a trustworthy investment?


Yes. Park Pride has been honored with a four-star (highest) rating by Charity Navigator, a respected online guide to responsible charitable giving. This rating is based on financial health, accountability, and transparency.

We’ve also received the 2017 Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar.

What are my rights as a Park Pride donor?

Park Pride upholds the Donor Bill of Rights as developed by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP), Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), and Giving Institute: Leading Consultants to Non-Profits.

Read your Donor Bill of Rights

Why does a direct donation to Park Pride provide the greatest benefit to parks?

Donations to Park Pride represent an investment in the greener good of our entire City, and provide the greatest impact for our network of parks and greenspaces. With your help, we are able to allocate dollars to all Park Pride programs, creating more flexibility with how we are able to serve communities in Atlanta and DeKalb. Ultimately, a well-managed network of parks is an asset for the broader community. We use your generous Park Pride donations to help ensure parks provide optimal benefit to our city. Our donors are the true champions of our mission to activate the power of parks.

Can I give money to a specific park or project?

Yes you can! While general donations made directly to Park Pride provide the most flexibility and the best opportunity to maximize the benefits of your donation, you may give money directly to a Friends of the Park group for a specific park. To make such a donation, please use this form.

I have a business. How can we become Corporate Champions?

Park Pride’s Corporate Champions are our business supporters. These champions are interested in making a difference for the greener good through support of better parks and stronger communities. They also are key to Park Pride’s ability to operate and deliver core services.

Park Pride offers multiple ways to engage employees, promote your business and give your organization recognition, including:Group Volunteering, Event Sponsorships, Corporate support of the Annual Campaign, and Program Support. Learn more about our Corporate Champions

To become a Corporate Champion, contact:
Chad Nash 
Manager, Corporate Relations & Individual Giving