Thirty Years of Passion for Parks

For 30 years, Park Pride has engaged communities to activate the power of parks. Thirty years. A lot has changed over the course of three decades, and we remain committed to advocating for and improving parks. Why?

The simple answer is three-fold:

  1. Parks are good for people.
  2. Parks are good for communities.
  3. Parks are good for the environment.

Parks are Good for People.

In an urban environment, parks often provide our only connection to nature, and research suggesting that time spent in nature improves health and well-being continues to grow. Lowered blood pressure, decreased levels of stress, improved mood and focus, better sleep, boosted immune system, and increased energy levels are just some of the beneficial outcomes of time spent in greenspace.

Additionally, whether you walk the trails, play basketball, or romp around the playground, having adequate access to a park encourages active lifestyles for everyone from 8 to 80-years old.

Parks are Good for Communities. 

Parks have the power to be the heart of communities.
A great neighborhood park is a safe space for neighbors to gather, connect, and nurture a common identity. Parks invite engagement, making communities stronger.

“We have met so many different people in the neighborhood that we hadn’t met before,” says Jennifer West with the Friends of Armand Park in Northeast Atlanta. “This park has really brought our neighborhood together.”

Parks are Good for the Environment.

Parks are good for our urban environment in so many ways. Lush vegetation and trees help reduce the temperature of our city and keep us cool. Trees in parks and along trails clean the air we breathe. Trails connecting the places where people live, work, and play make it possible to choose cleaner transit options (such as walking or biking) that reduce air pollution.

Additionally, the natural systems that exist in parks, as well as the green infrastructure amenities that are added, filter and return clean water to creeks and rivers: a function of great importance to people and wildlife that depend on those water sources for drinking and recreation!

Parks are also vital for habitat preservation, serving as a space for urban wildlife to make their homes.

Since Park Pride’s founding, we’ve come to understand that parks are not just a “nice to have” amenity; they are central to the quality of our lives. The benefits we enjoy from parks—for people, for communities, and for the environment—represent the “greener good” for which Park Pride has advocated for three decades and that we will continue to advocate for in the future.

We invite you to share our passion for parks and hope to see you at a volunteer event, in city council chambers, or simply enjoying a park soon!

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