Leadership Training

Park Stewardship Academy

Congratulations to our 2023 cohort!

What is Park Stewardship Academy (PSA)?

Park Stewardship Academy (PSA) is an educational and skill-building program for Friends of the Park group members that will support your passion for community and greenspace. Learn more about hosting events, activities, and volunteer opportunities that will engage neighbors in your park and fill it with positive activity. Sessions will also connect you with other park professionals and Park Pride staff who can aid you in your park improvement journey. Sessions are planned from September through December 2024, generally held on weekday evenings and Saturday mornings. You will make connections, learn from practitioners/professionals and graduate with a comprehensive worksheet and list of resources tailored to your park and the interests and needs of your community. If this sounds interesting, we encourage you to apply via the button on the right sidebar.

What will you learn?

Participants will focus on practical skills and knowledge to create a thriving, active, and well-cared for greenspace, including:

  • organizing a volunteer day
  • event planning
  • fundraising strategies
  • engaging neighbors to get involved in the park

  • working with elected officials
  • becoming a transformational leader (instead of transactional!)
  • areas of special interest, including urban ecology, health and wellness, creating welcoming spaces, and more.

When will PSA start and what is the schedule?

This program is a fun and engaging 3-month experience. Sessions will begin September with graduation in early December 2024. Sessions will occur on occasional weekday evenings (many via Zoom) and Saturday mornings. A total of approximately 10-12 sessions will be spread over the 3-month period.

Who can participate? 

PSA will have 10 to 12 people from parks across our service area. If you’re interested in making a positive difference in your local park, building community around neighbors, and bringing more programming to your park, this program is for you!

Participants must be members of a registered Friends of the Park group with Park Pride (or willing to register a group this summer).