A volunteer perspective:

The Power of Parks

Peggy Allumbaugh, Park Pride Board Member

When I heard that Park Pride was celebrating Earth Day with a volunteer project at Zonolite Park, I immediately signed up. I’ve watched the park transform over the years, and as a Park Pride board member, it was high time for me to get my hands dirty.

Through this volunteer project, I learned firsthand the meaning of “the power of parks.”

Parks build community

Though I didn’t know many of the volunteers before that day, we laughed, joked, and encouraged each other to keep going as we hauled cattails from the pond to the compost. We bonded over our common desire to improve this park for all visitors (including wildlife, like the migratory birds!) to enjoy.

Parks are good for your health

The boost of vitamin D from the sunshine paired with an elevated heartrate from moving heavy loads of plant matter felt as great as any gym workout!

Park Pride will host more Greener Good Volunteer Days this fall, each offering an opportunity to build community and enjoy the health benefits of being outside and working hard. I hope you’ll join me!

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