Thank Your Local Parks & Recreation Workers

Over the past several weeks, while shutdowns and stay-at-home orders clashed with the colorful arrival of spring, metro Atlantans flocked to local parks and trails. You may have been among them, perhaps because you recognize that parks play a vital role in the health and wellness of our residents. The importance of this role has never been more apparent or more greatly appreciated. As we continue to observe families and neighbors enjoying the much-needed benefits of outdoor recreation (safely, we hope), our attention turns in earnest to those who take care of our public spaces.

Like healthcare providers, utility operators, truck drivers, grocery store cashiers, and many other front-line heroes, parks and recreation workers risk their safety every day to keep vital services running. Park Pride appreciates the essential workers who are preparing and distributing meals, maintaining our parks, and going in to work so that Atlantans who are staying home have food on the table and safe places to connect with nature in their own neighborhoods.

We ask you to join us in expressing our gratitude by sending a handwritten card or note to front-line parks maintenance and recreation employees.

If you love your local greenspaces and recreation facilities, click on the location of your park / neighborhood for details on sharing your heartfelt thank you with the people who work hard so that you can enjoy them.

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