Parks Need Your Voice!

Michael Halicki, Park Pride's Executive Director

Atlanta is at a critical juncture for the future of its parks and greenspace. Park Pride is making the case for increased funding for park maintenance under the next administration.

The facts behind the need are compelling: increases in park spending are not keeping up with inflation, and the parks inventory continues to grow. This is not a sustainable approach as our city attracts more residents (see below and read more on the Saporta Report: From Council Chambers: A Voice for Parks.).



Park Pride has partnered with nine like-minded nonprofits to focus the attention of Mayoral candidates on parks and related issues in advance of the November election.


Partner groups have met one-on-one with nearly all the candidates and hosted the Mayoral Forum on Greenspace. Candidates discussed their views on parks, greenspace, trees, waterways and watersheds. They examined how the emerging trail network is creating a new way of living. These assets positively impact the quality of life of every resident. Ensuring that they are a top priority for the incoming administration is vital for a more connected and resilient Atlanta.

I encourage you to read the Saporta Report’s summary, Mayor candidates talk equity, vie for green vote, at Downtown forum.



Parks matter, and as one park advocate put it: “Parks need a voice.” Park Pride is that voice. With your support, Park Pride can create a larger, stronger voice. To achieve a world-class park system, more must be invested in parks, greenspace, waterways, trees and trails.

All politics are local. I encourage you to pay attention to what candidates say regarding issues that matter to you, and consider those candidates who support the greener good.

Help Park Pride elevate the need for a maintenance budget that keeps pace with the increasing demands on parks. Get involved with your local Friends of the Park group and attend a monthly Park Meeting. Join the movement and raise your voice for parks!

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