Marketing and Communications Intern: Jacquelyn Terry

Jackie is the summer 2020 Marketing and Communications intern at Park Pride! She comes to us from Georgia College and State University, where she is majoring in Mass Communication with a concentration in Digital Media and is graduating this upcoming December. In her free time, Jackie likes to play board games and go hiking in North Georgia.

We took a little bit of time to get to know Jackie!

Why are parks important?

Parks are important because they are enriching for communities and health. Parks offer an accessible way for people who normally wouldn’t get out in nature to come out and enjoy them.

Park Pride’s mission is “to engage communities to activate the power of parks.” What does the “power of parks” mean to you?

The power of parks is that parks bring people together.Whether it’s a community that is pushing for a park to get built or just one family taking time out of their hectic week to come enjoy a park for an hour, they unite people and I really think that’s awesome.

What do you most enjoy about working with Park Pride so far?

I’ve been lucky enough to meet so many new people! I’ve valued every interaction that I’ve had and I love who I’m working with.

Why is it important for communities to have a voice in their parks?

The community shapes the park and a lot of times the community is who helps take care of these parks so if people’s voices are heard about their park, they’re more likely to keep coming and helping to grow the park.

Now for a couple of fun questions, do you have a favorite musician/band?

Right now I’ve been listening to a lot of Mitski and Phoebe Bridgers.

Tea or coffee?


What’s your favorite park activity?

I enjoy walking and going on picnics with my friends every once in a while!

Thanks Jackie!

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