Jiaying Hu: Excited to Bring More Active Lifestyles to Communities

Meet Jiaying Hu, one of Park Pride’s summer interns with the Park Visioning Program! An international graduate student from China, Jiaying is studying landscape architecture at the University of Florida, College of Design, Construction, and Planning. This is her first internship (very exciting!), and she is so happy to have the opportunity to work with the Park Visioning Program. 

Parks help people start a movement to a more healthy and active life, especially in urban areas. ~ Jiaying Hu

When Jiaying is not busy compiling data from public meetings and sketching site plans, she likes to swim, shop, cook, and hang out with her friends (often in a park!). Her favorite park activity involves spreading out a blanket for a picnic. She also loves walking and meditating in parks. Her passion for parks makes her a perfect fit for the Park Pride team, and we’re so thankful to have her on board this summer!

Learn more about Jiaying through our short interview below.

Why are parks important?

Parks are the “green lung” of a city that help clean the air. Parkprovide recreation services with all kinds of activities that enhance the quality of life within a community. They benefit the economy and provide important habitats for animals.  

Park Pride’s mission is “to engage communities to activate the power of parks.” In what ways are parks powerful?

Parks help people start a movement toward a more healthy and active lifestyle, especially in urban areas. Through activities in parks, millions of people get respite from the stress of urban life. Additionallycommunity parks connect people of all ages who share a common goal for better surroundings and take pride in where they live. Parks are also vital places that help youth grow and learn through close interaction with nature.  

Why is it important for communities to have a voice in their parks?

People who live in communities and use parks often have the right to express their personal ideas and preferences on parks. The development of parks also impacts their lives since their houses are in the neighborhood. 

What part of your position with Park Pride are you enjoying the most?

I enjoy the public meetings the most. It is interesting to hear people of all ages talking about their own ideas about the park. People’s thoughts are sometimes the same and sometimes conflict with others, but that is part of the “visioning” process. We can also hear some unique ideas from that meeting. 

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