#GreenYourSpace Photo Challenge

A greener city and planet starts at home!

You know that access to greenspace is good for your mental and physical health. This Earth Day, Park Pride invites you to make your corner of the city a little greener with the #GreenYourSpace Challenge.

The challenge is simple: convert your balcony, backyard, patio or porch into your own personal greenspace – be sure to include lots of plants, areas for relaxation, and, of course, the color green. Bonus points for creativity and interactivity!

  1. From April 22 – 26, have fun “going green” in your favorite private space – be it a porch, desk, balcony or backyard. Be sure to include lots of plants, and bonus points for creativity!
  2. Then… sit and chill in your newly greened space. Take a deep breath. Exhale the stress. Repeat.
  3. Next, take a picture of your personal greenspace and upload it to Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #GreenYourSpace.
  4. Park Pride and Nature For All – Atlanta will share the pictures you’ve posted with this hashtag throughout the day.
  5. The picture with the most likes each day will receive a Nature For All – Atlanta T-shirt! Five winners in all will be selected!

Dig in this Earth Day, and let’s make Atlanta a little greener together.

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