Decade in DeKalb!

From Park Pride’s 2020 Spring Newsletter.

In 2020, Park Pride, Friends of the Park groups, and DeKalb County are proud to celebrate a Decade in DeKalb and the accomplishments of the communities supported through capital improvements, volunteer engagement, and community building in DeKalb County parks!  

DeKalb County Friends of the Park groups and supporters can’t contain their excitement over Park Pride’s Decade in DeKalb!

“Through the years, Park Pride has helped us tremendously by bridging the gap with the citizens of DeKalb County to unlock the benefits of our parks,” said Chuck Ellis, Director of the DeKalb County Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Affairs.  

Through the years, Park Pride has worked with 70 Friends of the Park groups in DeKalb County. As Bill Lide with Friends of Kittredge Park shared, the support of Park Pride’s Volunteer Program and Grant Program helped make his park a “go to” retreat for neighbors. “We could not have done it without the immeasurable help of the great people of Park Pride.”  

Within the decade, Friends of Kittredge Park worked with Park Pride’s volunteer program to host a volunteer day in partnership with The Home Depot.
144 volunteers gathered at Kittrdege Park to build and install benches and picnic tables; re-decked an old footbridge; clear out invasive plants; weed and mulch; and hauled and spread *900* bags of wood chips to create the new picnic area.

Thank you, DeKalb County and Friends of the Park groups, for giving your time and passion to develop parks that meet the needs of local communities! 

Ready to join or start a Friends of the Park group? Click this link to learn how.   

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