Celebrating 30 Years for the Greener Good: Park Visioning

2019 marks Park Pride’s 30th anniversary of engaging communities to activate the power of parks! We’re excited to look back over the decades and showcase some of Park Pride’s accomplishments… starting with the 42 conceptual park plans created through the community-engagement model that is central to our Park Visioning Program!

Park Pride’s 30th Anniversary: Park Visioning from Park Pride on Vimeo.

Led by professional landscape architects on staff, the Park Visioning Program guides four communities each year through a process that converts that community’s park dream into a conceptual master plan that can be used as a blueprint to guide the park’s development or redevelopment.

View all of the park visioning plans created since the program’s founding in 2005, and see how our signature process helps communities bring their park dreams to life:

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating 30 Years for the Greener Good: Park Visioning

  1. How is the recent grant from Park Pride to the Conservancy (for restoration of the fountain on the Cherokee side of the Park) going to affect the funding and implementation of the projects that the Park Visioning process recommended for the reserved part of the parking lot that was the consolation prize for buying into the Zoo’s parking deck and restaurant?

    1. This recent grant was awarded for the restoration efforts and will have no direct impact on other projects. That said, however, the successful implementation of park improvements often builds support for future projects as people begin to see what’s possible. Also, once the grant project is complete, GPC will be eligible for future grants. We hope that helps to answer your question!

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