Atlantans Ask City Council to Consider Funding Increase for Park Maintenance

Parks are the heart of our communities. The physical and mental relief that parks provided through the pandemic was invaluable, and studies have shown that proximity to parks and greenspace promotes a healthy lifestyle that reduces stress and the risk of several health issues. They serve as social spaces where people gather, socialize, and build a sense of community. Parks are where urban nature is allowed to thrive, and where people can go to learn about and immerse themselves in the natural world. They also help to protect against the growing impacts of climate change—they help lower ambient temperatures, they absorb stormwater that floods neighborhoods, and the trees and flora found there help to clean our air.

Atlantans Raise their Voices for Park Maintenance

The benefits of a great park system are what has motivated Atlantans from across the city to join Park Pride in demanding an increase in the FY2024 budget to maintain Atlanta’s green gems, which have been undervalued and underfunded for too long.

Throughout February and March, we attended Atlanta City Council’s Community Development/Human Services (CDHS) committee meetings to advocate for a larger budget for park maintenance within the Department of Parks & Recreation (DPR). Community members and partner nonprofits shared stories of how the underfunding of parks has negatively impacted quality of life.

Take Action

If you would like to see parks across the city maintained to a higher and equitable standard, please share this video and help us amplify the call for more funding.

You can also email your Atlanta City Council representatives and let them know that you support an increase in funding for park maintenance in the Department of Parks & Recreation’s annual budget.

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