Your Input Needed on the Vision Plan for the Historic SE Quadrant of Grant Park


Thanks to your input and feedback, the community-led Park Visioning process for the Historic SE Quadrant of Grant Park, facilitated by Park Pride, has been completed. The outcome is a new, community-supported vision plan, which was presented at The Circus School on September 22.

Park Pride and the Grant Park Conservancy are now working on understanding which projects should be given highest priority.

Will you give input on your priorities for the Vision Plan?


Final Vision Plan


Click here to review a high-resolution pdf.

This vision includes the following features:

  1. Reconfiguration of the corner of Boulevard and Atlanta to include bollards between traffic turning the corner and pedestrians, clearly marked crosswalks and pavers to signal entry into park and a pedestrian zone, seat walls around entry columns to provide level planting beds, recommendations for clearing and organizing the sidewalks for pedestrian priority.
  2. Removal of asphalt surface parking lot, regrading to eliminate soil compaction and soften grades to more naturalistic slopes
  3. Retain trees of significance in what is now the surface parking area by minimizing grading in their root zones:
    • 21” maple, #2717
    • 17” red maple, #2726
    • 16” sycamore, #2721
    • 35” white oak, #2731
    • All trees between Boulevard first tier of existing parking
    • Trees along lower (western) existing parking area retained, # 2671, 2672, 2673, 2674
  4. A permanent and aesthetically pleasing screening solution between Zoo Atlanta and this quadrant of the park
  5. Relocation of westbound Atlanta Avenue MARTA bus stop, addition of a shelter for riders
  6. Addition of soft walking trails through the wooded edge to make use of this space birding and nature walks
  7. Planting of native grasses on sloped embankments of Fort Walker to discourage foot traffic and prevent erosion
  8. Clear pedestrian connections from Historic SE Quadrant of Grant Park to other parts of the park
  9. Period-correct lighting and benches along paved carriage way
  10. Widened sidewalk along Atlanta Avenue to 10 feet
  11. Seating along woodland trail including a stone ‘council ring’
  12. Hillside connecting walkway between Atlanta Ave and the carriageway road
  13. In the former parking lot, curving system of walkways surrounding a lawn interspersed with existing and next generation canopy trees
  14. Current driveway into parking lot removed 
  15. A central fountain or water feature that provides the relaxing sound of water in the park
  16. A mass daffodil planting as a children’s memorial garden (see
  17. No drop-off or pick-up zone at the south vehicular entrance to the Gateway parking structure
  18. Zoo Atlanta entrance not shown due to large investment being made to improve existing entrance – assumed Zoo entrance will stay where it is for the foreseeable future.

Provide Feedback

Review the vision plan carefully and then give feedback regarding your priorities through the survey below.

Take me to the Survey!

Survey will be accepting responses through Friday, October 12.

You can download and print the worksheet below to help you set your priorities.

Click here for a downloadable pdf.

What can you do to help?

After finalization of this vision plan, the Grant Park community will begin fundraising to bring the vision to reality. Now is a great time to get involved with the Grant Park Conservancy to ensure that your voice and ideas are heard.

  • Follow the Grant Park Conservancy on social media if you’re interested in volunteering and learning more.
  • Continue to advocate for Grant Park with your friends, neighbors, and elected officials!

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