YOUR Input Needed on Park Designs for Mozley Park

The Mozley Park and Hunter Hills communities are working with Park Pride on a vision plan for Mozley Park. Through the Park Visioning  process neighbors are examining their collective and current needs and desires for this beautiful park. The outcome of park visioning is a new, community-supported park vision plan that can be used for advocacy and fundraising. 

Thank you to all in the community members who reviewed preliminary plans for Mozley Park on November 21 at C. A. Scott Recreation CenterCouldn’t make it to the meeting? Download the presentation below: 


Steering committee members, as well as the visioning team from Park Pride, were on hand to answer questions and listen to ideas, thoughts, and opinions. We received 14 feedback forms and are well on our way to creating a vision plan that reflects the community’s wishes.  

For those who were not able to stop by, we are publishing the plans here and asking for your input! 

Will you give your input and ideas to make the 
park’s vision plan the best that it can be? 

Park Pride’s vision plans are detailed tools that communities can use to fundraise and advocate for positive change in their parks. Because of the community input that goes into the visioning process, a vision plan reflects broad community consensus for the proposed improvements.   

Both plans include: 

  1. Shade, seating, and a splash pad at Powell Pool 
  2. Lighting repaired throughout park & added along the Lionel Hampton PATH trail
  3. Sidewalks repaired and restored/connected throughout park 
  4. Civil rights benches installed along Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive (Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs) 
  5. Rain gardens in strategic locations throughout park (Department of Watershed Management) 
  6. Stroller/ADA access ramp from parking lot to new playground 
  7. Park identification signage at each park entrance 
  8. Repair pedestrian bridge connection to Hunter Hills 
  9. Expand east parking lot


Concept 1

Click here to review a high-resolution pdf.

Details of Concept 1 include: 

  1. Artificial turf multiuse field with multi-lane track 
  2. Freestanding restroom building added  
  3. Community garden installed directly behind C. A. Scott Recreation Center 
  4. Old playground updated with new play equipment 
  5. Convert existing tennis courts to basketball courts 
  6. Refresh striping on existing basketball court 
  7. Convert west handball court to a climbing wall and retain east handball court 
  8. Battle of Ezra Church markers stay in current condition 
  9. Light and maintain/restore Lionel Hampton PATH Trail behind F. L. Stanton Elementary School 
  10. Remove part of median on MLK Drive to allow left turn into C. A. Scott Recreation Center 
  11. Historic signage on walkway in front of C. A. Scott Recreation Center 
  12. Expand driveway into recreation center to include 10-12 parallel parking spaces 
  13. Pedestrian bridge rebuilt with geometric pattern 

Concept 2

Click here to review a high-resolution pdf.

Concept 2 includes: 

  1. Natural turf multiuse field with no track 
  2. Community garden installed near Powell Pool 
  3. Old playground replaced with rain garden to stop erosion and sediment from getting on handball courts 
  4. Convert existing tennis courts to a skate park 
  5. Artistically restripe existing basketball court with a creative design 
  6. Restore west handball court so there are two fully-functional handball courts 
  7. Add paving and landscaping around Battle of Ezra Church markers 
  8. Offer alternative Lionel Hampton PATH Trail route along Browning Street with “sharrows 
  9. Remove part of median on MLK Drive to allow left turn into parking lot near athletic field 
  10. Dog park  
  11. Historic signage distributed throughout park 
  12. Pedestrian bridge rebuilt with truss construction


Provide Feedback

Review both concepts carefully and then give feedback through the survey below. Survey will be accepting responses until Tuesday, January 7, 2020. 

This survey has been closed.

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