Team Up. Raise Funds. Have Fun. Transform Parks!

Plaid Palooza

Don your plaid, wrangle your friends, and put your park passion to work at Park Pride’s fall-and-plaid-themed volunteer experience!

Participate in Plaid Palooza on Saturday, November 4th to positively transform a section of Historic Fourth Ward Park and raise funds for Park Pride’s programs that support communities and parks throughout the entire city. We will complete this project while wearing a ridiculous amount of plaid, and celebrate our accomplishments with a “plaid-tastic” party following a morning of hard work!



  1. Gather a group of up to ten people to have fun and do good work! Your team, and others, will help raise $40,000 to support local communities and parks throughout Atlanta.
  2. Next, get crazy and creative with your plaid outfits and gather on Nov. 4th at Historic Fourth Ward Park to help plant hundreds of plants to control erosion, support wildlife, and help complete the Master Plan for the park.
  3. Finally, win prizes and honors for your efforts and celebrate your accomplishments with food and fun!


What to expect FAQs: 

So, where do my fundraising dollars go?

The $150 (or more!) that you raise supports:

  • 105+ community Friends of the Park groups throughout Atlanta.
  • Workshops and training for park leaders and activists.
  • Park landscape design consultations for neighborhoods and community-driven park visionings.
  • Tools and labor that drive transformative volunteer workdays in parks.
  • Improved access to incredible parks and an improved quality of life for Atlanta and DeKalb residents and visitors alike!

Why Historic Fourth Ward Park?

Each year, the Plaid Palooza campaign will culminate in a large volunteer project at one Atlanta park. This year we will work in Historic Fourth Ward Park (H4WP) to improve the front-facing section of the park closest to Ponce City Market and complete parts of the park’s original Master Plan (created over a decade ago). Maintenance of H4WP, let alone completion of its original design, requires services beyond what the City of Atlanta’s Department of Parks can provide on a regular basis. This means the community relies on volunteer support and labor to help maintain the park’s many amenities.

What's the day-of schedule?

Volunteers will gather with their teams at the north end of the park (adjacent to North Ave.) between 8:30 am – 9 am for a light breakfast. Starting at 9 am, teams will get to work to help accomplish a number of projects:

  • Planting a variety of plants in barren areas of the park to help prevent erosion and weed/invasive growth.
  • Removal of invasive plants and weeds.
  • Mulching to protect trees and eroded areas.
  • Removal of underground tubing.

Volunteers will work from 9 am to noon, then enjoy the awesome work we completed and celebrate our fundraising and volunteer accomplishments with prizes and a picnic in the park! The celebration will last until 2 pm.

8:30 am – 9 am: Light breakfast and hot drinks

9 am – 12 pm: Volunteer project

Noon – 12:30 pm: Award ceremony and prizes

12:30 pm – 2 pm: Lunch, activities, party

Why Plaid?

Plaid is back as a favored fall pattern! Not to mention, many people who work outdoors in cool weather love flannel (often plaid) is for its warmth and durability.

We also thought about the Scottish tradition of wearing a variety of plaid patterns to represent different clans. How fun would it be to get folks in Atlanta to take that idea to the extreme and wear all sorts of plaid to represent their diverse communities (from work, neighborhood, etc.) as they all come together in support of greenspace?

And, to be honest, those of us at Park Pride love almost any alliteration we can create with words beginning with the letter “P.” 🙂


Visit to register for the event, set up your personal fundraising page, and invite folks to join your team!

Once registered, you’ll have access to fundraising tips, sample appeals, competition and prize details, information on food and activities, and more! We’ll also keep you posted on our fundraising progress and things you need to know for the volunteer day.


Already signed up for Plaid Palooza? Access the Participant Toolbox for TONS of resources to help you fundraise and encourage your friends and family to join the cause!

Participant Toolbox


Participation FAQs:

Can I just volunteer (and not raise money)?

The Plaid Palooza campaign takes the place of what would be an exclusive and expensive fundraising gala. So, instead of purchasing a super-spendy ticket for a party that doesn’t directly help parks, fundraising is required to participate in this mission-focused event.

To support your fundraising efforts, we’re providing each participant with a personal campaign website and materials with fundraising resources, tools, and tips. All participants (11 years and older) must raise a minimum of $150 to participate in the volunteer project and celebration.

What does my registration include?

Every participant will receive:

  • Plaid Palooza paraphernalia;
  • a goodie bag with coupons and snacks;
  • light breakfast before volunteering;
  • lunch from a local restaurant;
  • and so. much. fun!

How do I (and my team) win prizes?

Compete and win! Prizes will be awarded to the top fundraisers, the best clad-in-plaid individual participants, and the best clad-in-plaid team. Prizes and honors will be awarded to those placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in all contests. The costume contest will be at the volunteer day with judging taking place in the half hour before the workday begins.

Here are some of the prizes up for grabs (check back for updates):

  • REI Backpacking Pack
  • Emerald Hare Wine (+ Snacks) Basket

Each participant also has the chance to win little prizes/honors when they accomplish the following:

  • donate $15 or more to your personal campaign;
  • raise more than the $150 fundraising minimum;
  • personally raise more than $500!

These personal fundraising prizes are limited, so start fundraising asap!


Visit to give to the cause, or find an individual or team to support.

  • Simply click “Donate” on the main page and select “General Campaign” or “Choose a Recipient.”
  • From there, you can look through the list of participants, or search for a name in the search bar.
  • Select an individual or team and finalize your contribution.

Thank you in advance for your support of parks and Park Pride!

TIP: Have questions about how your gift reaches Park Pride, or need support making your donation? Check out this Donation FAQ.


A limited number of sponsorship opportunities are available for this original and exciting event.

For more information, reach out to:

Rachel Whyte
Marketing & Communications Manager
(404) 546-7969

Thank you in advance for your support of parks and Park Pride!


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