Putting Parks First

Advocacy Platform
& Initiatives

Great parks provide immeasurable benefits to a community, positively impacting nearly effort facet of a neighborhood. Park Pride provides a voice for parks on behalf of the communities they serve, working to ensure that greenspace initiatives are adequately funded and remain a priority of elected officials.

Our Platform

The core tenets of our park advocacy platform are to:

  • Preserve – Conserve Atlanta’s greenspaces, the native habitats within them, and the ecological networks they comprise
  • Maintain – Grow the City’s capacity to maintain its existing inventory of public parks, greenspaces and trails (including the Atlanta BeltLine)
  • Build – Sustainably and equitably improve and expand Atlanta’s network of public parks, greenspaces and trails

Our Current Initiatives

  • Supporting the development of a greenspace plan for parks that prioritizes connectivity through the Citywide Design Project and the Westside Future Fund’s Plan Westside
  • Advocating for funding for park operations and maintenance
  • Encouraged the people of the City of Atlanta to vote YES for the November TSPLOST / MARTA referenda – November 9, 2016 update: It passed!
  • Ensuring greenspace issues are prominent topics in upcoming elections for Atlanta’s next mayor and City Council
  • Encouraging Atlanta residents to become a voice for their own parks by joining or starting a Friends of the Park group

Voters said YES to T-SLPOST & MARTA

What do investments in transportation have to do with parks? A lot, when you think about parks as places of intersection where our communities come together. Read more about Park Pride’s stance on the TSPLOST and MARTA referenda.