2021 Mayoral Forum on Greenspace


Forum Recording

Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic throughout 2020-21, Atlantans took to parks, trails, forests, and our rivers and creeks for refuge, fresh air and sunshine, and to combat social isolation (safely and at a distance). Parks and recreation centers further served essential functions as food distribution points, testing sites, and distance learning centers. These flexible urban greenspaces emerged as critical infrastructure—cornerstones of our community—that contribute to the resilience of our city.

Now more than ever, greenspace is recognized as a vital component of a healthy, equitable, resilient, and thriving future Atlanta.

As Atlanta continues to grow and develop, prioritizing accessible and wonderful greenspace is necessary to maintain and enhance the quality of life for all Atlantans. Through this Mayoral Forum on Greenspace, moderated by retired journalist Jocelyn Dorsey, we learned how each candidate’s administration will value and approach Atlanta’s natural spaces, trees, waterways, and parks and recreation system in the years to come.

We hope to see you there!


The Candidates’ Stance on Greenspace (Recordings + Written Responses)

The forum recording above has been edited to provide a consolidated clip of of each candidates’ responses during the forum (Note: Council President Felicia Moore and Council Member Andre Dickens and  was not able to participate in the forum due to pressing Council matters; his responses were recorded after the forum and address the questions he would have been asked. Council Member Brown has not provided a recorded response).

Additionally, all candidates were invited to submit written responses to all questions that were asked at the forum. The written responses are available below for those who’ve shared them.

Andre Dickens

Campaign website: https://andreforatlanta.com/

Kirsten Dunn

Nolan English

Sharon Gay

Felicia Moore

Roosevelt Searles





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