Greener Good Day at Constitution Lakes Park, powered by Invesco

On Saturday, September 15th, Park Pride teamed up with The Friends of Constitution Lakes to host a Greener Good Volunteer Day.

A huge thank you to Invesco for supporting this volunteer day and making the project possible.

Greener Good Day at Constitution Lakes Park, powered by Invesco. from Park Pride on Vimeo.


We also appreciate the support of Keep DeKalb Beautiful for providing waders, and to the Coca-Cola sustainability team for collecting and sorting recyclable trash that had collected in the park!

A small but mighty group of volunteers worked tirelessly to clear the park’s boardwalk of “alligator weed” – an invasive plant that had completely overtaken the walkway. Volunteers hacked, sawed, pulled, and hauled the weed, which had grown in some places to be 12 inches thick! Additionally, several bags of trash and a number of tires were removed from the park by volunteers as well!

Thank you to all of our volunteers for coming out and participating. It was hard work, but *together* you got the job done!



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