A Conference for the Community

Linda Cotten Taylor
Friends of Chapel Hill Park and six-time Parks & Greenspace Conference attendee

My name is Linda Cotten Taylor, and I’m the leader of the Friends of Chapel Hill Park in DeKalb County. In just a few weeks, I’m looking forward to attending my seventh Parks & Greenspace Conference.

You might wonder why I come back year after year. The conference keeps me abreast of trends, changes, and resources available in the parks and greenspace field that support my efforts to improve Chapel Hill Park.

One word that describes the conference: informative. I encourage you to attend!

As an attendee, you’ll learn something new about the benefits of parks for both the community and environment, how to develop greenspace, ideas for maintenance, and how to get your neighbors engaged.

The conference is also great for networking and learning about how other parks have dealt with challenges related to park development and enhancement.

Join me at Parks & the Resilient City this March 26. Enhance your knowledge of how to support your park, or—depending on how you look at it—for playing in the dirt!




Linda Cotten Taylor, Friends of Chapel Hill Park and six-time Parks and Greenspace Conference attendee

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