The Big Park Meeting

This event has passed | Saturday, August 14, 2021

Thank You for Attending! 

Main Stage Program Recording

  • What’s New with Park Pride (o – 15:00) 
    • Michael Halicki, Executive Director
    • Community Building Staff (15:00 – 18:00)
  • Today’s Theme: Community Cohesion (18:00 – 21:30)
    • Cecelia Borgman, Program Associate
  • Highlights from the 2021 Friends of the Park Check-in (21:30 – 30:30)
    • Camila Sanchez, Community Building Intern  
  • Going Beyond Design: Lessons from Park Visioning (30:30 – 42:00)
    • Teri Nye, Park Designer
    • Andrew White, Dir. of Park Visioning
  • Rounding Out 2021 Tools + Resources (42:00 – 52:42)
    • Community Building Team
  • Advocacy Statement (52:42 – end)
    • Mother Mamie Moore, Friends of Lindsay Street Park


Breakout Session Recordings


Addressing Access: Designing Welcoming Parks for All

  • Design Presentations from the Friends of Holly Street Park and Friends of Beaverbrook Park

  • Increasing Access to Heritage Spaces with Friends of Johns Homestead Park


Building Awareness: Activating Parks for Community Cohesion

  • Design presentations from the Friends of Decatur Washington Park and Friends of Cleopas R. Johnson Park
  • Hunter Hills Neighborhood Branding Initiative from Friends of Ella Mae Brayboy Park


For any questions to the Big Park Meeting, please reach out to Park Pride’s Community Building team by emailing