Friends of the Park Groups

Though they vary greatly in terms of size, scope of work, and influence, all Friends of the Park groups operate with a single purpose of improving a park or greenspace. This list includes our Friends of the Parks Groups in the City of Atlanta and DeKalb County.

Those groups with more detailed information have clickable links. If you’d like to connect with a Friends of the Park group that does not have contact information listed, please reach out to our Community Building team, at

Name Location Contact
RiverwalkCity of AtlantaRiverwalk Atlanta
Split Creek ParkDeKalb CountyFriends of Split Creek Park
Cleopas R. Johnson ParkCity of AtlantaFriends of Cleopas R. Johnson Park
Pleasantdale ParkDeKalb CountyFriends of Pleasantdale Park
Herbert Greene Nature PreserveCity of AtlantaFriends of Herbert Greene Nature Preserve
John A. White ParkCity of AtlantaFriends of John A. White Park
Pittman ParkCity of AtlantaFriends of Pittman Park
Dean Rusk ParkCity of AtlantaAshview Heights
Rosa L. Burney Park (Dunbar)City of AtlantaFriends of Mechanicsville Parks
Bolton ParksCity of AtlantaFriends of Bolton Parks
Riverside ParkCity of AtlantaFriends of Riverside Park
Urban Food Forest at BrownsmillCity of AtlantaFriends Of Urban Food Forest At Brownsmill Park
South River ForestCity of AtlantaFriends of South River Forest
Avondale-Dunaire ParkDeKalb County
Michelle Obama TrailDeKalb CountySouth Dekalb Striders Running
Decatur Washington ParkDeKalb CountyFriends of Decatur Washington Park
Hairston ParkDeKalb CountyFriends of Hairston Park
Cedar ParkDeKalb CountyFriends of Cedar Park
Chosewood ParkCity of AtlantaFriends of Chosewood Park
Hamilton Recreation CenterDeKalb CountyFriends of Hamilton Recreation Center
Ormond-Grant ParkCity of AtlantaFriends of Ormond-Grant Park
Center Hill ParkCity of AtlantaFriends of Center Hill Park
Adams ParkCity of AtlantaAdams Park Foundation
Anderson ParkCity of AtlantaFriends of Anderson Park
Armand ParkCity of Atlanta
Arthur Langford ParkCity of Atlanta
Atlanta Memorial ParkCity of AtlantaAtlanta Memorial Park Conservancy
Barker Bryant Park & GardenDeKalb County
Beecher Hampton Nature PreserveCity of Atlanta
Bitsy Grant Tennis CenterCity of Atlanta
Beaverbrook ParkCity of AtlantaJud Ready
(404) 407.6036
Blue Heron Nature PreserveCity of Atlanta
Bobby Jones Golf CourseCity of Atlanta
Bouldercrest ParkDeKalb CountyFriends of Bouldercrest Park
Boulevard Pocket ParksCity of Atlanta
Briarlake ForestDeKalb CountyFriends of Briarlake Forest Park
Brookside ParkDeKalb CountyFriends Of Brookside Park
Brownwood ParkCity of Atlanta
Cabbagetown ParkCity of AtlantaCabbagetown Initiative Board
Callanwolde Art CenterDeKalb County
Candler ParkCity of AtlantaMark E Clement
Candler ParkCity of Atlanta
Cascade Springs Nature PreserveCity of AtlantaDavid Davis
cascadespringsfriends@gmail.comJames Tyler
CastlewoodCity of Atlanta
Central ParkCity of Atlanta
Channing ValleyCity of Atlanta
Chapel Hill ParkDeKalb CountyFriends of Chapel Hill Park
CoanCity of Atlanta
Collier Heights ParkCity of Atlanta
Constitution LakesDeKalb County
County Line & Ellenwood ParksDeKalb County
Cunard MemorialCity of Atlanta
Dearborn ParkDeKalb County
Dekalb Memorial ParkDeKalb CountyFriends of DeKalb Memorial Park
Delano-Line ParkDeKalb County
Duck PondCity of Atlanta
East LakeCity of Atlanta
EllsworthCity of Atlanta
EnglishCity of Atlanta
Enota ParkCity of Atlanta
Exchange ParkDeKalb County
Fairington ParkDeKalb County
Flat ShoalsDeKalb County
Fork Creek MountainDeKalb CountyFriends of Fork Creek Mountain
Forty OaksDeKalb County
Frankie Allen ParkCity of Atlanta
Frazier-Rowe ParkDeKalb CountyFriends of Frazier-Rowe Park
Freedom ParkCity of Atlanta
Garden Hills ParkCity of Atlanta
Gordon White ParkCity of AtlantaFriends of Gordon White/Lucile and Holderness Park
Grant ParkCity of Atlanta
Gresham ParkDeKalb County
Grove ParkCity of AtlantaFriends of Grove Park
Hardy IvyCity of Atlanta
Henderson ParkDeKalb County
Herbert Taylor Park and Daniel Johnson Nature PreserveCity of Atlanta
Historic Fourth Ward ParkCity of Atlanta
Holderness/Lucile ParkCity of AtlantaFriends of Gordon White/Lucile and Holderness Park
Intrenchment Creek ParkDeKalb CountyFriends of Intrenchment Creek
Ira B Melton ParkDeKalb County
Jacci Fuller Woodland Gardens ParkCity of Atlanta
Jennie Drake ParkCity of Atlanta
John Howell ParkCity of Atlanta
Johns Homestead ParkCity of TuckerFriends of Johns Homestead Park
Kelley Cofer ParkDeKalb County
Kirkwood Urban ForestCity of AtlantaFriends of Kirkwood Urban Forest
Kittredge ParkDeKalb County
Knight ParkCity of Atlanta
Lake Claire ParkCity of Atlanta
Lang-Carson ParkCity of AtlantaFriends of Lang-Carson Park
LaVista ParkDeKalb County
Legacy ParkCity of Atlanta
Lenox-Wildwood ParkCity of AtlantaFriends of Friends of Sunken Garden Park and Lenox Wildwood Park
Lillian Cooper Shepherd ParkCity of Atlanta
Lindsay Street ParkCity of AtlantaFriends of Lindsay Street Park
Lionel Hampton Beecher HillsCity of AtlantaFriends of Lionel Hampton Beecher Hills
Lithonia ParkDeKalb CountyFriends of Lithonia Park
Little Creek Horse Farm and ParkDeKalb County
Little Five AliveCity of Atlanta
Little Nancy Creek ParkCity of AtlantaFriends of Little Nancy Creek Park
Longdale ParkDeKalb County
Lord Family ParkCity of TuckerFriends of Lord Family Park
Louise Howard ParkCity of Atlanta
Lou Walker ParkDeKalb County
Maddox ParkCity of Atlanta
Mary-Scott Nature ParkDeKalb County
Mattie Freeland GreenspaceCity of Atlanta
Medlock ParkDeKalb County
Montreal ParkDeKalb County
Morningside Nature PreserveCity of Atlanta
Mountain Way CommonCity of AtlantaDan Weede
(404) 815.2725
MozleyCity of Atlanta
Needham ParkDeKalb CountyFriends of Needham Park
NH Scott ParkDeKalb County
Noble ParkCity of Atlanta
Oakland CemeteryCity of AtlantaHistoric Oakland Foundation
Old Ivy ParkCity of Atlanta
Olmsted Linear ParkDeKalb CountyOlmsted Linear Park Alliance
Peachtree Heights WestCity of Atlanta
Peachtree Hills ParkCity of AtlantaFriends of Peachtree Hills Park
Pendergrast ParkDeKalb CountyFriends of Pendergrast Park
Perkerson ParkCity of AtlantaVern Potts
(404) 923.4361
Phoenix Park IICity of Atlanta
Phoenix Park IIICity of Atlanta
Rehoboth ParkDeKalb County
Rev. James Orange Park at Oakland CityCity of AtlantaAmy Johnson
(404) 755.0478
Rockdale ParkCity of Atlanta
Rose Circle ParkCity of Atlanta
Rutledge ParkDeKalb County
Sara J. Gonzalez ParkCity of AtlantaFriends of Sara J. Gonzalez Park
Scottdale ParksDeKalb CountyFriends of Scottdale Parks
Shoal Creek ParkDeKalb County
Sibley ParkCity of Atlanta
Sidney Marcus ParkCity of Atlanta
South Atlanta ParkCity of Atlanta
South Bend ParkCity of Atlanta
Southside ParkCity of Atlanta
Springbrook ParkDeKalb CountyBarbara Marin
Springlake Parks (Springlake, Ellsworth, and McKinley Wilson Triangle Parks)City of Atlanta
SpringvaleCity of Atlanta
Spink Collins ParkCity of Atlanta
Sunken Garden ParkCity of AtlantaFriends of Friends of Sunken Garden Park and Lenox Wildwood Park
Sunnybrook ParkCity of Atlanta
Tanyard Creek ParkCity of Atlanta
Tobie Grant ParkDeKalb County
Trenton Play LotCity of Atlanta
Tucker Nature PreserveDeKalb County
Tucker Rec CenterDeKalb County
Underwood Hills ParkCity of Atlanta
W. D. Thomson ParkDeKalb CountyPatrick Noonan
Wade Walker ParkDeKalb CountyInstagram: @friendsofwadewalkerpark / Twitter: @friendsofwwp
Walker ParkCity of Atlanta
Washington ParkCity of Atlanta
Washington ParkDeKalb County
Waterworks ParkCity of AtlantaFriends of Atlanta Waterworks
WatkinsCity of Atlanta
West End ParkCity of Atlanta
West Manor ParkCity of Atlanta
Whittier Mill ParkCity of Atlanta
Winn ParkCity of Atlanta
Woodruff ParkCity of AtlantaFriends of Woodruff Park
Zonolite ParkDeKalb CountyFriends of Zonolite ParkFriends of Nickel Bottom Garden