Our 30 Year Obsession with Parks, Explained

For 30 years, Park Pride has engaged communities to activate the power of parks. A lot has changed over the course of three decades, both for the world and for Park Pride. And yet, it’s 2019 and we remain committed to advocating for and improving parks. Why? Why does Park Pride do what we do, and why is it so important? Why have we been obsessing over parks for the last 30 years?

SOURCE: Saporta Report

nature pyramid

The Nature Pyramid: A Defense of Local Access to Nature

As we attempt to increase our access to nature in our city (most recently through the efforts to strengthen the Tree Protection Ordinance), a framework is needed that puts “local” nature within a larger context of issues, policies, and health implications. I have come across such a framework, known as the nature pyramid, that could be helpful.

SOURCE: Saporta Report

YOUR Input Matters in the Mozley Park Vision Plan

Do you live near or regularly use Mozley Park? Are you excited about the new playground? Do you have ideas for how Mozley Park could be enhanced and preserved for future Atlantans to love and enjoy? Are you concerned about changes you’re seeing in or around the park? If so, we need to hear your … Continue Reading →

YOUR Input Matters in the Lang-Carson Park Vision Plan

Do you live near or regularly use Lang-Carson Park? Do you play sports, garden, or enjoy the art at the park? Do you have ideas for how Lang-Carson Park could be enhanced and preserved for future generations to love and enjoy? If so, we need to hear your voice! The Reynoldstown community is beginning a … Continue Reading →

Atlanta: The City in the Saplings?

The City of Atlanta is in the process of rewriting its tree ordinance—this is the set of rules that protects trees on public and private land throughout the city. The task isn’t quick or easy, but it’s a necessity as the city grows in population and tension increases between new development and the need to preserve trees and urban greenspaces.

SOURCE: Saporta Report

Digging in for the Greener Good

In 2018, over 6,700 Park Pride volunteers completed 253 projects (building bridges and footpaths, improving trails, installing gardens, painting pavilions, mulching beds, etc.) in parks and along the Atlanta BeltLine. Taken together, their efforts equal a sweat equity investment of over $450,000. Thank you, volunteers, for your unwavering commitment to the greener good! We’re on track for another great year of volunteering in 2019.

Parks for Everyone, Everywhere

Everyone deserves to live within walking distance of a great park or greenspace. Learn about the recent improvements made at two parks that are having a positive impact on their communities.

Parks are the Heart of Community

The 18th Annual Parks & Greenspace Conference, Parks are the Heart of Community, explored the power of parks to reflect culture and artistic expression while providing places to pursue healthy lives. Local and national experts and thought leaders challenged us to expand our ideas about access to parks and public spaces, shared insights into the research linking parks to our health, and invoked the power of parks to help achieve a more united, supportive, and connected community for people of all ages and abilities.

Park Rx in Dekalb

Communities across the Atlanta area are embracing the health benefits of nature.On April 28th, DeKalb County communities joined others across the country in the celebration of Park Rx Day, a day dedicated to bringing people together outside in their parks to enjoy the health and wellness benefits of greenspace.