Park Pride Grant Agreement

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Grantee agrees to all terms below:

1. Project

  1. To implement Park Pride Grant Project in this year for your park(s) as outlined in the proposal submitted by you, the grantee, to Park Pride with the following requirements:
    1. Project has gone through all required permitting and received all necessary approval prior to start of construction. Parks in the City of Atlanta will receive a Notice to Proceed from the Department of Parks and Recreation when these requirements have been satisfied.
    2. Park Pride must receive Signed Grant Agreement prior to start of project.
    3. Grant representative must attend Grant Award Orientation. Does not apply to Small Change grants.
    4. Grantee must coordinate a community celebration or ribbon cutting with the land owner. Does not apply to Small Change grants.
    5. Project must be completed within 12 months (grant award $50,000 or less) or 18 months (grant award more than $50,000). Small Change grants must be completed within 6 months.

2. Volunteer Workdays

  1. Grantee must comply with all City/County regulations during workdays. Only applies if volunteer labor is included in the project scope.

3. Budget

  1. Matching grants must be matched at least on a 1:1 basis.
  2. Volunteer labor to complete any budget relieving project task can count as In-Kind Matching Funds valued at the Independent Sector annual volunteer rate (2022: $29.95). Professionals providing in-kind services may charge their normal rate, provided they are able to supply a Certificate of Insurance and W9.
  3. To submit any significant changes in scope that affect the budget for approval by Park Pride. No changes greater than 5% of the total project may be made to the budget without prior authorization from Park Pride.
  4. The approved budget is appended to the agreement and will be used to review all requests for funds. Deviations may increase the processing time for disbursements.

4. Reporting & Documents

  1. Provide electronic copies of before & after photos from the same view/perspective (JPEG format, minimum 300dpi, 600pdi+ preferred).
  2. Progress Report(s) and a Final Report by the Grant Deadline listed above.

5. Notification

  1. To notify Park Pride in the case of:
    1. Any change in key personnel of the project or Grantee
    2. Any change in contact information of the primary grant contact (typically the person who submitted the application).
    3. Significant changes to the project scope, timeline, or budget.
    4. Any other development that may significantly affect the project
  2. To notify Park Pride at least 8 weeks in advance in the case of:
    1. Groundbreaking events
    2. Ribbon cutting events
    3. Other important milestones
    4. Event collateral to be published
    5. Permanent signage and/or sponsor recognition

6. Communications & Media

  1. To participate in informal email and phone check-ins initiated by Grants Administration.
  2. To include Park Pride mention or logo in any list of contributors, signage, press releases, flyers or other event collateral related to the project. Please contact for approval.

7. Hold Harmless

  1. To hold harmless Park Pride, its officers, agents and employees from any and all claim for damages or injuries to persons or property that may be sustained as a result of the performance of Grantee or their agents in connection with this agreement.

Park Pride agrees:

  1. To provide the grantee, a grant of not more than the amount above to implement Project as described in this Grant Agreement.
  2. To release grant funds as project expenses are incurred upon receiving the following from the Grantee (final 10% will be held until receipt of the final report):
    1. Press Release (required for initial disbursement of funds)
    2. Supporting documentation of Matching Funds raised and spent
    3. Complete Request for Funds form
    4. Invoices, receipts, or purchase orders to support the Current Request

Terminating Conditions

Based upon its sole judgement, Park Pride may, after notification of intent to Grantee, cancel participation in said project including the release of any remaining grant funds, in the event Park Pride finds any one of the following:

  1. Grantee has failed to abide by the terms of this agreement
  2. Such cancellation is necessary to comply with requirements of law
  3. Grantee has failed to make substantial progress in the current project
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