2022 Parks & Greenspace Conference

2022 Conference Call for Presentations

Monday, March 28, 2022 | Atlanta Botanical Garden | 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Session Information

Approximately 8-12 proposals will be accepted for the concurrent session and tour presentations. Park Pride may request that similar or complimentary proposals be combined into panels for a more diverse dialog.

Pre-conference tours will be held on Saturday, March 19 or 26 (choose one). The format, time, and location of tours should be included in the proposal. Park Pride offers assistance in logistics and advertising for pre-conference tours.


Theme Threads

Proposed sessions and tours should focus on one or more of the following areas:

A New Era for Parks

We need parks that are ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century. What are those challenges and what new skills are needed? How can we share the responsibility of creating a culture that supports and values a “green collar” workforce willing to retrain and thrive in these jobs. How do we get there? What are the next steps?

Caring for a legacy of great parks

We need parks that are funded for our future. Great parks define quality of life in our cities. How can cities and citizens deliver a legacy of great parks to future generations? How can we provide funding and support for parks that is more than simply adequate? How can the current focus on infrastructure spur us to create long-lasting strategies for park funding and maintenance that is beyond the minimum?

Activating safe parks

We need parks that bring people together. Parks are places where we find solace, where we gather with our neighbors, and take part in our communities. How do we prevent fear of rising crime rates from driving us away from our parks? How do active parks naturally deter crime? How can parks nurture the community cohesion that makes safe places?

Parks as safety net

We need parks that can support our cities in times of crisis and weather extremes. How can parks serve double duty as recreation areas and as emergency support networks within and between our neighborhoods? What more can parks do to keep us prepared when the unforeseen occurs?

Climate responsive parks

We need parks to play an active role in reversing climate change. Climate change poses an unprecedented threat to our cities and lives. What important tactics can parks offer to boost our ability to weather climate change? How can parks be folded into comprehensive resilience planning for urban areas? What can parks do to prepare for and manage the impacts of climate change?

Parks and public health

We need parks that offer convenient, high-quality opportunities for health —to everyone. How can we leverage our distributed network of parks to enhance and support our collective and individual health? What role can parks play in dismantling unequal access to healthy foods, habits, and services? How can the ‘10-minute walk to a park’ goal offset a city’s healthcare cost burden?

Parks for all

We need parks that offer everyone fair and just access to quality parks and services. What can we learn from past inequities around parks? What new practices will ensure racial and economic justice? How can we dismantle barriers to park access? How can we ensure equitable resources for parks to increase park quality in disinvested areas? How can we reckon with and correct racial disparities through parks to move us closer to just outcomes?


COVID-19 Safety

The safety of our patrons and our staff is our number one priority. Proof of completed COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result will be required of speakers and event attendees. Masks will be required during conference events.We are also following all federal, state and local guidelines for in-person gatherings as well as recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If, at any time, we feel we cannot create and maintain a safe in-person event or if any federal, state or local restrictions prevent us from hosting an in-person event, we will switch from an in-person event to a high-quality virtual event.

By submitting a proposal, you acknowledge and agree to our safety guidelines in order to participate in the Parks and Greenspace Conference.


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