Park Visioning Application – DeKalb County

What is park visioning?

Park Pride assists communities within the City of Atlanta & Unincorporated DeKalb County to develop vision plans for their neighborhood parks. Professional park designers will facilitate a public participation process with neighborhood groups that builds consensus around a conceptual vision plan that can be built over several years. At the end, the community will have a professionally-produced long-term plan and report that will provide a fundraising and advocacy tool for the community.


How does park visioning work?

Our process hinges on a robust, inclusive public engagement strategy, which is tailored to each community and is most successful when participants are open to various outcomes. The final plan will reflect the consensus of the community and a final report will include: a summary of process including public engagement strategies, documentation of how decisions were made, rendered vision plan, and a prioritized project list and budget.
A Steering Committee of committed local residents and stakeholders will serve as the project client and will work closely with the visioning team throughout the process. At the monthly Steering Committee meetings, the group will help to develop and implement a public engagement strategy as well as participate in design discussions and decisions. Committee members should represent a broad and diverse spectrum of community interests and act as liaisons to the larger community.


Limitations of a vision plan

It is important to note that a vision plan is not a mandate, does not carry weight of law, and does not guarantee funding from either DeKalb County or Park Pride for the projects detailed therein. However, many groups who complete a vision plan successfully use the document for fundraising, grant applications, and advocacy.