2018 Park Visioning Application – City of Atlanta

Park Pride is accepting applications for Park Visioning from Friends of the Park groups in the City of Atlanta. Two groups will be selected to receive, at no charge, the services of Park Pride's Visioning department, headed by a professional landscape architect, for a five to ten-month community engagement and design process to create a conceptual park master plan. Please prepare your responses to the questions below, and enter your responses at one time. You will not be able to save and return to continue the application at a later time. If you leave the application page before submitting, your work will be lost and you'll need to start the application form again.
  • Applicant Information

    Please enter your personal contact information in the fields below.
  • Park Information

    Please complete this section with the information of the park to be considered for the Park Visioning Program.
  • In which Neighborhood Planning Unit does this park belong?
  • In which Council District does this park belong?
  • Are you a community member, councilperson, Friends of the Park group member, etc.
  • Why does this park need park visioning? Are there ongoing or pending initiatives that might influence the timing of the park visioning process? Is your community committed to a public dialogue about the future of the park? What are some opportunities you hope a vision plan will leverage? It is important to provide enough information and details so that Park Pride can understand the park-related concerns in your community.
  • Committee members should represent a broad cross section of interests and park users, including neighborhood groups, businesses, residents, recreation groups, government partners, and other interested parties. It is important that different viewpoints are represented on the steering committee. Committee members must be willing to attend monthly meetings and fully engage with the Park Visioning process.
  • Steering Committee

    Please provide names and contact information for potential Steering Committee members.