Ribbon Cutting Celebrations in the City of Atlanta

Planning Form.

Congratulations! You’re close to completing your park improvement project. That means that it’s time to begin planning your ribbon cutting celebration.

Planning a Ribbon Cutting Celebration

Please follow the guidelines below to coordinate a ribbon cutting event in your park.

  1. Complete the form below 6-8 weeks in advance of your preferred ribbon cutting date.
    • The earlier you begin planning, the more likely that you’ll be able to secure your preferred date.
    • However, please be aware that the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), your local City Council Representative, or Park Pride may ask that you consider alternative dates.
    • Events scheduled during the day Monday – Thursday¬†are more likely to receive additional DPR support and have the attendance of City Council Representatives.
  2. Additional information or questions should be sent to the contacts below:
  3. DPR and Park Pride will work together to confirm a final date based on the preferences indicated in the form. 
  4. Invite the community!
    1. Your Friends group is responsible for publicizing the ribbon cutting event and inviting guests or media.
    2. A flyer or event invitation should be created and shared to let the community know that a ribbon cutting will take place.
    3. DPR’s logo may be incorporated in the list of partners / funders on invitations or event signage. Please contact Yolanda Harris (yoharris@atlantaga.gov) for appropriate DPR logo and for invite approval.
    4. Park Pride’s logo should be included if your Friends group received a Park Pride grant for this project. Contact Rachel Maher (rachel@parkpride.org) for appropriate Park Pride logo and invite approval.


Ribbon Cutting Event Planning Form

  • Please provide three dates + times for consideration in order of preference. If you plan on inviting City Council Members or require greater support from the Dept. of Parks and Recreation, host your event during the week (Monday - Thursday). Please note: your City Council Representative, the Department of Parks and Rec., or Park Pride may ask you to consider alternative dates.
  • What do you envision your ribbon cutting looking like? How many people? Will food or beverages be provided? Are there chairs and a podium? How long is the program? Who is speaking on the program? Do you need ribbon to cut? Please note: Support to cover event needs may be available through the Department of Parks and Recreation, but it is not guaranteed.